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*[[Insteon_-_Setting_Up_PLM_Template|RC1 Insteon Support]] ''(20-Feb-08)''
*[[Insteon_-_Setting_Up_PLM_Template|RC1 Insteon Support]] ''(20-Feb-08)''
*[http://www.osweekly.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2664 Linux Media Center PCs Review Roundup] ''(4-Oct-07)''
*[http://www.osweekly.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2664 Linux Media Center PCs Review Roundup] ''(4-Oct-07)''
Please take a moment to read about '''[[Known_Issues|known issues]]''' before downloading our ''Quick Install DVD'' or the ''Two-CD Installer''.
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|width=48|{{Click || image=Download_icon.png | link=Download_Instructions | width=60px | height=60px }}
|'''[[Download_Instructions|Download LinuxMCE]] or buy [[LinuxMCE Products]]'''<br><small>After checking known issues please download from an appropriate mirror</small>
<small>Latest snapshot DVDs can be found [http://linuxmce.iptp.org/ here]</small><br>
<small>Check [http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Snapshot_overview on the wiki] which latest snapshot work without issues.</small>
You may then want to check out the [[DVD Installation]] guide for a step by step walk through of setting up and configuring LinuxMCE.

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LinuxMCE 0810 The most up-to-date Final Release :: This is the recommended version for a stable, functional system. If unsure as to which version to go for, make it 8.10.
LinuxMCE 1004 Alpha :: Considered to be "bleeding edge". Give it a try if you are able to fix problems alongside the developers.

LinuxMCE is the only all-in-one open source solution that seamlessly combines:
  • Media & entertainment with a server for music and video, plus a PVR (like TiVo or Sky+)
  • Home automation to control everything from lights to heating with a touch-screen tablet or your mobile phone
  • VoIP based Phone system
  • Security system that feeds live video to your mobile device during a security breach
LinuxMCE builds on the superior networking capabilities of Linux to create a home automation/multimedia/communication network. No other operating system has this capability. Read more to see all the possibilities that LinuxMCE offers. See the FAQ for quick answers to common questions about LinuxMCE. Watch the LinuxMCE Video showing a detailed hardware and installation walk-through.

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