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Usage Information

To connect LinuxMCE (with the "old" driver) with your EIB/KNX environment you MUST use a serial bus connector. I use a Berker FT1.2 (order nr. 750600xx). If you try to use the new driver, you can use any connector because it works with eibd (EIB/KNX with eibd).

EIB/KNX over Powernet

There is no direct serial bus connector for EIB over Powernet. One way to circumvent this problem, is to use a "Systemkoppler 6987/10" from Busch-Jäger.

The Systemkoppler is used to connect EIB over Powernet to an EIB over Twisted Pair installation. All telegrams pass easily between those installs.

The 6987/10 can be used as a PSU for the TP bus for up to 5 TP devices.

Add to that a KNX/IP gateway (or other support KNX-2-computer gateway), and you can control your EIB/KNX over Powernet setup from LinuxMCE.

EIB/KNX in the USA

Siemens has a few actors, which are US-specific (110/120V)

  • Binary Actor (8-port) 5WG1 512-1CB01.
  • Power Supply 5WG1123-1CB01

All low-voltage sensors, like switch plates, PIRs etc from around the world should be usable in the USA, as they are independent of the mains.

It seems a company called Element Controls does have quite a few KNX devices in the US as well. Maybe they would like to sponsor a few devices to one of our main devs, so he can get accustomed with KNX in the US.