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egalax series Touchscreens

I have a few UnyTouch 15" LCD TouchScreens. Here's how I got them to work.
These instructions are the basic instructions included with the driver. If you get lost, follow those.
My units are USB. If you have PS2 or Serial devices, follow the instructions included with the driver.

Downloading the drivers

Drivers can be downloaded from
The driver I used (32bit) is
Here's how I did it. My MD is moon80, yours may vary. First, as root, ssh to your MD (from your core)
sudo ssh moon80
now, make sure your in /root
cd /root 
download the file (below is for 32bit)
unarchive the file:
tar -xvvf TouchKit-1.08.1227-32b-k26.tar.gz
cd TouchKit

Installing the drivers

First, we have to copy the driver into the right place
cp /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input

modifying /etc/X11/xorg/conf

There are 2 main modifications to the xorg.conf file.
first define the driver as an inputdevice. Add this section:
Section “InputDevice”
    Identifier  “EETI”
    Driver     "egalax" 
    Option     “Device”     “usbauto”
    Option     “Parameters” “/var/lib/”
    Option     “ScreenNo”   “0”
Second, is to add this section to the serverlayout. Add this line to your [ServerLayout] section:
InputDevice    "EETI"       "SendCoreEvents"
That's it for xorg.conf. Restart X, (simply reboot the MD is easiest)

Configuring the TouchScreen

Once your MD comes back up, boot up KDE Desktop, and open a terminal.
cd /root/TouchKit
sudo ./TouchKit
This will load the touchkit configuration, allow you to calibrate the screen, etc.

Beta Drivers

The download site has some beta drivers for xorg 1.3 / 32bit. From what I can see, it simply automates the above. I did not try them as this worked perfectly.