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Run an email program by switching to the Kubuntu desktop

  • The KDE desktop (Kubuntu) is accessible from a Media Director. Press CTRL-ALT-F7 to bring up the Kubuntu desktop.
  • Open either the Kmail, Evolution, or Thunderbird email program from the Kubuntu menu. Use the program as normal.
  • Press CTRL-ALT-F11 to return to LinuxMCE.

Access web-based email using Firefox

The LinuxMCE Admin Website runs from within a normal Firefox web browser window. You can use the Firefox browser for any web-browsing purpose as well. If you have Yahoo mail or similar web-browser based email, you can access it from Firefox as usual.

Using Email from an Orbiter

To use email from an on-screen Orbiter on a Media Director, you must designate an email "installed program" first.

  • See the Computing guide to see how to add and use an external "installed program".