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Detective Robert Siano of the Ashburnham police told WBZ TV Paul Burtonthe man were built with a semi automatic handgun and ordered the clerk as well as a customer to have on to the floor.
Shop <a href=http://www.nikeairmax90rosa.eu.com>air max 90 rosa</a> dead that because the suspect was robbing the pharmacy another customer walked into the store. When she saw the thing that was taking place ,, she quickly ran out and called police and managed to provide a description with the flee car.
Siano saidthe man got away with cash and also a substantial quantity of narcotics.
The suspectis named possibly white, wearing a black long sleeve tee shirt with front white lettering "skull toboggan," back lettering "suffering servant" with white flames about the sleeves, jeans, black Nike sneakers with a white swoosh and gray baseball cap with "Batman" logo. The man is approximately 5ft9in 200 220lbs, stocky <a href=http://www.nike-airmax90essential.com>nike air max essential 90</a> build with brown bearded unwanted facial hair approximate age is <a href=http://www.nike-free-run-sko.com>Nike free run sko</a> 20 30's. Tattoo or perhaps the capital letters "L (index)O (middle)V (ring)E (small)" were seen across the left-hand fingers.
think that he probably <a href=http://www.nikeairmax90rea.com>air max 90 rea</a> really dangerous, desperate, Siano said. those who rob pharmacies and the different types of stories searching for the narcotics could possibly be unpredictable. suspectmay happen to be driven on the scene by way of a woman in a 4 door red sedan described as havingdifferent back and front style wheels plus a partial Mass license plate 94_ _02. The leading wheels were named silver 5 spoke style. The back wheels were described as multi spoke black or dark gray coloured.
You're not facts are required to call the <a href=http://www.billiga-nikeairmax90.eu>Billiga Air Max 90 herr</a> Ashburnham Police Department at 978 827 4413.
Ryan Sorilla, who works down the street at Village Pizza, said this may not be the first time there beena robbery in the neighborhood.

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