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When you are copying some folder with files to the LinuxMCE box, UpdateMedia can start scanning contents of the folder not waiting for the copy process to finish (for example when you are copying large files). Normally it does no harm, but in certain cases, such as when you are copying folder containing the ripped DVD, you may want to tell UpdateMedia to avoid scanning the contents of the folder. There is a way to create the 'folder lock' file that will tell UpdateMedia to skip the given folder. See the example below

At the beginning:

- You have folder named DVD_Movie containing VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders from the original DVD

- You want to copy this folder to the LinuxMCE, for example to the location /home/public/data/videos

To mark folder as locked before copying:

- Create file /home/public/data/videos/DVD_Movie.folderlock -- this will tell UpdateMedia to ignore folder /home/public/data/videos/DVD_Movie and don't scan it contents. You can simply run the command

touch /home/public/data/videos/DVD_Movie.folderlock

Copy the folder "DVD_Movie" to the /home/public/data/videos folder as usually, wait until copying completes

To tell UpdateMedia that it can now scan the folder

- Delete the folder lock file /home/public/data/videos/DVD_Movie.folderlock

rm  /home/public/data/videos/DVD_Movie.folderlock

The UpdateMedia will scan the DVD_Movie folder and (if it contains VIDEO_TS or AUDIO_TS folder, mark it as a "Ripped DVD" (MediaType = 3).