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Follow-me works in a number of different ways... the simplest does not require any fancy hardware beyond a Core/Hybrid and a 2nd MD.

Start some media playing at the Core/Hybrid. Now you have a number of options:

  • Click home, select the media floor plan. Now click the the big 'F' button and it will turn red. Click home, and change the room that you are controlling to the room that your 2nd MD is in... and the Media you had playing at your Core/Hybrid will start playing there! Change the room that you are controlling back to the Room that your Core/Hybrid is in again... and the Media will jump back to the Core/Hybrid again and continue playing.
  • You can also do a similar trick from the Media Floor plan... if you have a floor plan graphic added. Again get the Media playing at the MD you are sitting at and then get the Media Floor plan up on screen (make sure follow-me is on in the Media Floor plan). Now move the highlight over to the MD that you want to move the media to and click once... next move the highlight to the Media playing list on the Media Floor plan (it will be the name of the media you chose to play). Click this media once... magically the media with 'move' to the MD you chose to move it to... and continue playing where it left off!
  • With a Bluetooth enabled phone the idea is to make this totally transparent... just turn on follow-me on the phone and move from the room your in to another room with an MD with a bluetooth dongle attached... and magically when the MD your moving towards can sense your bluetooth signal it will make the media move across to it. The problem is that Bluetooth signal are too powerful and lmce can't determine which MD you are closer to reliably. If it worked well this would be great because almost everyone owns a mobile and almost all of them have bluetooth (at least here in Europe thats the case). But it does not work reliably at all... believe me we have tried for a long time to make this work... it just doesn't (enough of the time).

The Fiire Chief remote does work... 100% of the time (or pretty close to 100%). Just add a Fiire dongle to all your MD's... then press 'follow-me' on the remote before you leave a room (to tell the system when you want pickup from in your media playback) then walk to the other room and press 'follow-me' again and the Media will pickup from the point where you pressed 'follow-me' in the previous room. This works so well you have to see it to understand how impressive it is... because it is damn impressive!

From the forum [1].