Gateway Solo 9550

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LinuxMCE Stuff

Tested 0710 Beta 4 and 0704

  • UI2 over VGA out
  • Audio
  • NIC with PXE boot
  • Diskless booting


  • Svideo Out
  • SPDIF Out

Unique Use Of Hardware

Pulled out hard drive, floppy drive and CD-ROM to make it a diskless PXE station with no noise. Fan on CPU still spins occasionally. I plan to completely remove the motherboard from the laptop shell in hopes to keep temp low enough so the fan will not spin at all. Then I should be able to tuck this behind the TV and viola! fanless, diskless media director.

Special Config Note

To get Nvidia driver working

  1. Connect to external monitor
  2. Install LinuxMCE and let it boot all the way (honestly, go out to eat or something as it will be a few hours)
  3. Go through AVWizard and answer all questions.
  4. After reboot, when video fails, drop to terminal via CTRL-ALT-F? and login with U:linuxmce P:linuxmce
  5. Download latest Nvidea 96.43.x drivers (legacy) via wget ""
  6. Follow some forum stuff about apt-get for more packages and removing existing Nvidia drivers (more instructions on this to follow)
  7. Install Nvidia drivers
  8. Reboot

Laptop Specs

  • Processor: Intel Mobile Pentium III or Celeron 1.13Ghz
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce2 GO, 32 MB SGRAM, TV out via RCA, VGA out (use legacy 96.43 Nvidia drivers!)
  • Audio: ESS ES1988 - S/PDIF - 5.1 Digital
  • Bus speed: 100 MHz front side bus
  • Memory: Expandable to 512 MB. Two SO-DIMM slots
  • LCD: 15 inch