Getting Started With DMX

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To get started with DMX within LinuxMCE, you need an Open Lighting Architecture supported DMX controller, for example the Entec DMX USB Pro. Depending on what you want to control, you need for example a DMX RGB LED controller, like DMX RGB LED Dimmer (search on ebay).

Add the needed cables, power supply for the LEDs, and you are ready to go.

Using OLA has details what needs to be done initially, like finding out what DMX controller is installed, and patching a universe to it.

Important point: Start olad as a non-root user who has is member of the dialout group. Make sure the olad daemon is running BEFORE the LinuxMCE open lighting architecture device is running.

TODO: Make setup of olad including a startup script automatic.

Define an RGB light for DMX

A DMX device is always considered a light.

  • Create a new light (for example an RGB light DT #1993)
  • Set the controlled by to your OpenLighting Architecture interface, which must have been defined beforehand (it is DT #2184 in the Interface category)
  • The format of the Port value is: DMX-universe|DMX-address-for-RED|DMX-address-for-GREEN|DMX-address-for-BLUE