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The selection of appropriate and compatible hardware components for your LinuxMCE system is critical to its smooth installation, reliability, and performance. The careful selection of some hardware components is more critical than others.

There are various resources available to help you do a good job selecting hardware components. The resources fall into a handful of categories:

  • Guides and Howto topics are dedicated to the selection of particular types of hardware. These guides are quite general and serve to educate you on the relevant technical issues regarding hardware selection. They usually do not recommend specific hardware models and require quite a bit of legwork and learning for you to properly select particular models of hardware. On the plus side, though, the guides and Howtos strive to provide you with enough information to vet any hardware for use with LinuxMCE.
  • Hardware categories where information about particular models of hardware components can be found. The advantage of the hardware categories is that they often contain concrete information about other users' experience with particular models of hardware. The breadth of hardware models covered, however, is limited and far from exhaustive. In other words, the information about the models that are listed can be very helpful, but if the model you are interested in isn't in the list, they will be of little help.
  • User setup pages can give you insights into what hardware other users are actually using in practice.
  • The Forums

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