HarmanKardon AVR245

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Usage Information
This article is a stub and requires expansion

  • 2 x HDMI-in to HDMI-out (selectable)
  • OSD setup
  • hard power-switch (in/out toggle) next to soft power switch (push button)
  • RS232 port on rear is only for firmware upgrades, according to manual, however there is an external IR input jack, so external control via PC will just require a little more "glue"
  • dim/night mode for display, which dims the VFD, and shuts off the inner blue glow of the volume control
  • There is an A/V Delay setting, which can be used to add latency to the audio in order to sync with other audio output devices. I noticed that my LG 42LB5D has a bit of audio latency on its speakers, and until I figure out how to eliminate it, I have set my AVR245 to 80ms of delay, which syncs it up nicely with the TV.