Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-500 MCE

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  • Manufacturer info: http://www.hauppauge.com/pages/products/data_pvr500mce.html
  • This card should work, as it is 2 WinTV PVR-150 on one PCI card.
    • Under MythTV-Setup you will need to:
      • Select new Capture Card and configure the first card as a PVR150 you will want to select /dev/video0.
      • Select new Capture Card and configure the second card as a PVR150 select /dev/video1.

WinTV-PVR-500 includes:

  • 2- 125 channel cable ready TV tuner
  • Composite/s-video input to connect to VCR or camcorders
  • High quality MPEG1/MPEG2 video and audio encoder
  • dbx-TV stereo decoder (Nicam stereo decoder in Europe)
  • IR remote control

The WinTV-PVR-500's TV tuner and S-Video/composite video inputs are for either PAL or NTSC.

MPEG record specifications:

  • MPEG1 recording at 1150K bits/sec (Video CD data rate)
  • MPEG2 record datarates:
    • 2MBit/sec, 4MBit/sec, 6Mbit/sec, 8Mbit/sec, 12Mbit/sec.
    • Selections for DVD Standard play (8MBitsec), DVD Long Play (4MBit/sec) and DVD Extra Long Play (2MBit/sec)
  • NTSC format* at 29.97fps: Full D1: 720x480, MPEG1: 352x240
  • PAL format* at 25fps: Full D1: 720x576, MPEG1: 352x288
  • Audio capture formats: 32/44.1/48 KHz, 16bit stereo, 192/224/384Kbits/sec
  • Video digitizer: 10 bits
    • Chroma sampling: YUV 4:2:2
    • Four line adaptive comb filter for both NTSC and PAL to remove dot crawl
    • Fast video locking for security camera applications
  • Video file format: .MPG

System Requirements:

  • Processor requirements: Pentium® IV processor 1.2GHz or faster (or equivalent) for TV pause with full screen playback
  • Free PCI slot
  • Sound card
  • DVD or CD-RW writer (optional for burning DVDs or Video CD’s)
  • VGA card (PCI or AGP) which supports video overlay (NVidia, S3, ATI, etc.)


  1. Currently the ivtv-firmware packages are not being installed by default along with the other ivtv packages, which means that the card is not initialized properly. The fix is simple: Alt-Ctrl-2 into a session and issue the following commands:
   apt-get install ivtv-firmware
   rmmod ivtv
   modprobe ivtv
  1. Those of you with the ASUS A8V board will be disappointed to know that there appears to be no way to get this board to work with a PVR-500 if you are using the AGP port. The PVR-500 has its own PCI bridge and the AGP port on the motherboard is also on a PCI bridge, and the second PCI bridge fatally confuses the BIOS when it goes to initialize the hardware for booting after the system inventory screen. The recommended (and only known) workaround is simply to replace your AGP video card with a PCI video card. One might also trade in the PVR-500 for a pair of PVR-150's, but since the PVR-500 costs more than a new motherboard that doesn't make much financial sense (cheaper to buy a different mainboard). Some other ASUS A8V-xx models are also affected by this bug, but can be made to work with a BIOS update. For other uses the ASUS A8V is a fairly nice board, and the PVR-500 is a fairly nice card, the board is just flawed in a way that makes it impossible to use anything with its own PCI bridge.