Have LinuxMCE notify me of security alerts

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The overall process of setting up a security system is explained Arm or disarm the alarm using the Orbiters. In LinuxMCE admin, choose wizard, security, notifications. Here you can specify who should be notified for each type of event. Note that a mobile orbiter is defined as a mobile phone running LinuxMCE's mobile orbiter software. If you have a mobile phone that is not running our software, you can listed on the other phone notifications. The mobile orbiter's will display a description of the security alert along with a picture that was taken at the moment the sensors were checkered, by all cameras are able to view those sensors. Other phones will hear a verbal announcement explaining what has happened and you can use a touch tone keypad to indicate how LinuxMCE should respond. In both cases you will be given the option of notifying your neighbors. If you choose that option that all neighbors listed on this page will be called simultaneously in a conference call so that you can explain what is happening. We'll also have the option of calling one of the emergency numbers shown on that page. If you do the call will be placed from your home phone system so the emergency personnel see the address and treat it as a real emergency, and you'll be patched in remotely.