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This is a setup wizard which runs automatically on the first startup after installation and can be run from the orbiters by selecting the Advanced > Setup Wizard. The setup wizard is an automated series of screens which allow the user to enter information and devices that LinuxMCE will control. The Setup Wizard is broken down into two modes: Media Player Wizard and House Setup Wizard.

Choosing the Correct Wizard

First Page of the Setup Wizard
After selection of the Setup Wizard you will see an additional screen. If the audio and video are properly setup you should see and hear a video. If this is correct please select Next.

Which Wizard to Choose

The next screen you will encounter asks which wizard would you like to start: Media Player Wizard or the House Setup Wizard. Please select the wizard you want to begin.

House Setup Wizard

The House Setup Wizard is designed to assist in the inputting of important data relating to the users of your LinuxMCE system and the setup of your House. The various screens are really pretty self-explanatory and this guide is designed to help you prepare for a complete and thorough installation and setup.


Who will be using the system?

This is the screen from which you can add users to the system. It is important to remember that they are users of the LinuxMCE software and are not Kubuntu users. If using the DVD Installation, the Kubuntu user created will NOT be one of the LinuxMCE users.


Where are you located?

You will be asked a series of questions regarding geographic location. Simply answer the questions as asked.


Adding Rooms of Your House

Since LinuxMCE is much more than a Media Center, you will be asked to enter all of the rooms of your house. Highlight each type of room and then hit either the add button or the remove button to adjust to the desired number. Proceed through every room in the house. It is best to take the time now to enter all of the rooms, as it will make things easier as you expand your system later on.


From this screen the House Setup Wizard will try and automatically detect plug and play lighting interfaces, and if found will ask a series of questions to ensure proper setup. If you do not have a lighting interface, then simply choose "Continue without one"

Alarm Panel

Adding an Alarm Panel

From this screen the House Setup Wizard will try and automatically detect plug and play alarm panel, and if found will ask a series of questions to ensure proper setup. If you do not have a security system, then simply choose "Continue without one"

VOIP Provider

VOIP Provider Selection

This screen will automatically setup the VOIP Providers listed, provided you already have an account. It will not set up an account for you. Selection of VOIP Provider will start a series of questions which will require information about your existing account, including phone number, user id, password, etc. If you have not setup an account then skip this section, you will want to skip the section if you do not see your provider listed. Do not worry if your Provider is not listed. Other provider can be automatically setup from the LinuxMCE Admin Website after completing this wizard.


Adding a Floorplan of Your House

If you have an existing floorplan of your house you can add it now. If not it can be added later. Floorplan is not required for successful setup and/or usage of LinuxMCE.


Finishing Up the House Wizard

Once the House Setup Wizard is complete it will take you to the Media Player Wizard