How to add a new software package to LinuxMCE

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1. In LinuxMCE admin go to advanced->software->packages.

2. Look at the package 'LinuxMCE Create Device' and 'LinuxMCE Create Device Source'. That's a sample of a utility that we include.Also you can see 'LinuxMCE UpdateEntArea'. It is another example.

3. Create 2 new packages for your utility: a source package, and a binary package.

Copy the example from create device or updateEntArea EXACTLY, just replacing the directory and names with your own.

4. Then go to the LinuxMCE orbiter package and add that new package of yours as a dependency.

5. Do a sqlcvs checkin on your box of the dce repository (always do a diff first before a checkin to confirm it's safe). And do a svn commit your new code.

6. Then on the build server in iasi (.150) run


the syntax of the sqlcvs update on teh build server is slightly different than on your box because the build server has more "restricted" records

7. Then check if it have no compile errors:

su - builder