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== Usable docs ==
== Usable docs ==

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Usable docs

Asterisk Debian Packages

Don't read - it's under construction !!!


svn co http://svn.plutohome.com/pluto/trunk/external/asterisk

$MakeRelease_Flavor is a problem unspecified.


(also sources should have been installed)...

Rob: is it hard to do it ? (if you guide me, I'll post to Wiki)... radu_c_public: there's a make_package.sh script in that directory that does everything Rob: ok, will try it, thanks...

Here are my notes for compiling Motion Wrapper (after whole procedure I found out that it is already fixed)...

apt-get install subversion
apt-get install g++
apt-get install libmysqlclient14-dev
apt-get install libhttpfetcher-dev
svn co http://svn.plutohome.com/pluto/trunk/src/
cd src
cd SerializeClass/
cd ../DCE/
cd ../PlutoUtils
cd ..
cd ../Motion_Wrapper/

after sucessful compilation you can try to run it

../bin/Motion_Wrapper  -d LinuxMCE's ID

Note : Put '#' in front of '<-mkr_t_compile_defines-> ' in coresponding Makefile if you get errors for 'mkr_t_compile_defines'