How to properly add support for SIP providers

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Usage Information

Add a config file for your new provider

This part is pretty simple and you can do this quickly from a terminal session.

Make yourself sudo user: "sudo su"

Copy an existing configuration file to use as a template: "cp /usr/pluto/bin/ /usr/pluto/bin/"

Edit the new config file: "nano /usr/pluto/bin/"

NOTE: Broadvoice is an example of a SIP provider, if you need to add support for an IAX provider just copy a template from another IAX provider and work from that if you want to keep it as easy as possible on yourself.

Make your changes: Now you'll need to do some research and input the proper credentials where they belong, a quick look at the file even with no programming knowledge you will be able to figure out how this works and where to put your information. Pretty much you should be looking to replace anything that says broadvoice with your provider's name and changing the host to the one your provider connects to. By default the script does a very good job at setting up the rest of your configuration automatically.

Write your changes: Press CNTRL+O

Exit: Press CNTRL+X

Pull your config into the Web Admin

Make yourself sudo user: "sudo su"

Edit the Provider List: "nano /etc/asterisk/provider_list.txt"

Go to the bottom of the document and add a new entry for your provider in the following format: yournewprovider yourprovidershomepage yournewprovider yourprovidersprotocol

NOTE: It is important to use the same provider name you used in your config file and to set your provider's protocol properly as queries are run from the web admin to pull back and filter this information and if you do not set and/or set this improperly you will either break or prevent that query from running properly.

Save your changes: Press CNTRL+O

Exit: Press CNTRL+X

Test and submit: Now go to the web admin and make sure it worked! When you have it working properly please contribute back to the community and help build the out of box support list so we keep improving the setup experience!