How to setup ADSL access?

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Setting up ADSL connection is not yet fully supported under LinuxMCE. But there is relatively simple procedure to get it up and running. I'm posting my notes (hopefully didn't forget anything important)...

DHCP (most users)

  1. If you already have a router and don't want to use Linux MCE as a router configure Linuc MCE to use only one card, use DHCP on it and disable Linux MCE's DHCP server.


  1. setup two network cards as normally
  2. run pppoeconfig (follow instructions on screen)
  3. go into database - this is the SQL query for the database to see the current setting:
select * from Device_DeviceData where FK_Device=1 and FK_DeviceData=32; 

the data will look something like this:


you'll have to change the proper ethX in that string (eth1 in my case) with ppp0

4. put /etc/init.d/ and link it to /etc/rc2.d/S10start_pppoe

Content of :

export PATH="/usr/pluto/bin:$PATH"
. /usr/pluto/bin/pluto.func
if  -e /usr/pluto/install/.notdone ; then exit 1
Logging "server" "1" "$0" "Running ''  ( \"/etc/init.d/\" )"
ifconfig eth1 up
pon dsl-provider

I hope that this will soon be easier to setup over web-admin page.