Installing LinuxMCE on your mobile phone

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When a new phone is added and you choose to use it, LinuxMCE will automatically send the necessary application to the phone using OBEX-push. Note: Be sure your phone allows receipt of OBEX messages, sometimes referred to as 'Accept Beams', or 'Allow Installations'. Your phone will generally beep when it receives the application. It may ask for a PIN code, which is: 1234. You will have usually about 30 seconds to accept the application, depending on your phone, after which it will time out. If it times out, the application will not be resent to the phone unless you go into the LinuxMCE admin site, choose Advanced, Devices, locate the phone in the tree, check 'Resend application to phone', and reload the router. Then the next time the phone is detected the application will be sent.

You can also do this manually using the script to send a sis file to a symbian phone:

/usr/pluto/bin/ <MAC> <path_to_sis>

or to a Windows smart phone:

/usr/pluto/bin/ <MAC> <path_to_cab>

The cab and sis files are in /usr/pluto/bin. You can see the MAC Address by running:

hcitool scan