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This article is a stub and requires expansion

Insteon is the product name for a series of devices which communicate using either powerline signalling, RF signalling, or a combination of both. LinuxMCE support for Insteon devices is currently under development. More information on the Insteon devices can be found at Insteon. Products are available at SmartHome

Insteon development is currently underway.

There are currently 3 types of Insteon controllers:

1. PowerLinc Controller USB (PLC)

2. PowerLinc Controller Serial (PLC)

3. PowerLinc Modem (PLM)

Among these controllers, there is another device called the EZBridge that uses a PLM to interface ethernet to insteon. Communication to the EZBridge is accomplished via an XML commandset over an established IP Port. I have implemented the EZBridge via GSD/Ruby. Source is currently located in the developers forum. (search for EZBridge)

The EZBridge is IDEAL for remote locations, summer houses, etc. All communication is via a TCP Socket in xml form.

It is feasable to actually have MORE THAN ONE location set up in your linuxmce system. With the use of an EZBridge, it's just like being there. Lights/Appliances can be turned on/off as if they were local.