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Intel NUC

The Intel NUC are a line of mini-ITX computers intended to be used in embedded applications, such as small desktops, kiosks, media center PCs, and various other use cases. They consist of a single board, containing an embedded CPU (ranging from an N series celeron, to an Intel i7), two SO-DIMM slots for memory, mobile PCI-E slots for inserting SSD devices, and a variety of the usual suspects of I/O connectors. The NUC can either come in board form, or complete with a cube-like enclosure.

LinuxMCE supports various NUC incarnations, and notes for different models are below.

NUC 54250WYK

This NUC is an i5 based model, and works great with LinuxMCE, with the following tweaks:


On the core, make the following changes to the 'default' boot file, after you've generated the diskless image with /usr/pluto/bin/

  • remove acpi=off from the kernel options line, as ACPI is required to enumerate and initialize the e1000 the network card correctly.

Enabling the IR remote control support

  • Inside the BIOS, ensure that the nuvoton-cir IR receiver is enabled, and that RC6 remote control support is enabled if you want to use a Windows media center remote.
  • Inside the web admin, go to Wizard > Media Directors, and scroll to your NUC media director.
    • Select "default" from Infra-red receivers
    • Press Add Remote
    • Select Template #1622 (Windows XP MC Remote) or a suitable remote from the LIRC Remotes category.
    • Press Update
    • Quick reload router

Your remote should now be ready for use.