InteractiveTechnologies CueServer-Pro-CS-800

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This is a template for a DMX lighting controller by Interactive technologies - model Cueserver pro800 Its very basic at the moment however it is working using the serial port I have followed the guide in the wiki "Implementing Clipsal Interface using Generic Serial Device"also adding in device data #76 COM Port ParityBit/Stop(string) #78 COM Port BaudRate(string)

in the RUBY CODE under "Ruby Internal Commands"-"#384 Process Receive Command For Child "add 

id=device_.childdevices_[cmd.devidto_].devdata_[12]#get child device number

if cmd.id_==192 #192 is on

conn_.Send("[c"+id+"atfl]\r") #set id to full


if cmd.id_==193 #193 is off

conn_.Send("[c"+id+"rel]\r") #relase id to zero


if cmd.id_==184 #184 dimmer

conn_.Send("[c"+id+"at50]\r") #set id to 50% it should step the light up or down this is not working at present



-get #184 the dimmer command to work correctly

-add log/messages to keep lmce up to date

-intergrate the 8 contact closures on the cueserver this could work as alarm interface

-get it to work over the ethernet write a driver in c++