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Currently there is no direct support for the Internet Radio stations list, etc. in LinuxMCE. However, you can create the scenario shortcut to quick-start your favorite station. Follow these steps:

1. Go to Web Admin: open internet browser and type your LinuxMCE CORE IP address in the address field.

2. Login with your LinuxMCE user and password.

3. Go to "Advanced -> Configuration -> Scenarios -> Media Scenarios" and press "Add My Scenario" button.

4. Under "Add My Scenario" type a description, like "DI - Lounge", check on which entertainment area (room) you want this scenario to appear. Then press "Save" button.

5. Then click on the description of the scenario that you've just added.

6. In "Scenario commands" select "Media Plug-in" from the "Device:" drop-down and "MH Play Media" from the "Command:" drop-down, then press the "Add" button.

7. In the "#13 Filename (string)" field type the URL of your online radio station ( e.g.: ), in the "#29 PK_MediaType (int)" type 4. In the "#45 PK_EntertainArea (string)" put the number of Entertain Area (it usually starts from 1, see the note below). Press the "Save" button and "Test Command" to see if it works.

8. Do a Quick Reload & Regen and you'll be able to see on the media menu of your orbiter, your radio. Click on the button and it should start playing.