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This plugin provides access to DCERouter internals via http protocol on port 7230. At the moment of this writing (Aug 2014) it does NOT work together with the RPC Plugin.

This plugin is purely academic at the moment and not part of a regular build cycle. Sometimes a binary can be downloaded from fluffy.


Like any other plugin, the JSON plugin is a child of DCERouter in your device tree. Make sure you have updated sqlCVS to have the corresponding JSON Plugin device template.

  • Add a child to DCERouter - Select the JSON Plugin
  • Download the JSON_Plugin.so binary into /usr/pluto/bin
  • Quick reload the router

Supported Information

Now Playing

Easiest way to get information about what player is at the moment playing stuff in a specific entertainment area:


Adding Information Provider

Below the src/JSON_Plugin directory is the CivetHandler directory. Take a look at how NowPlaying is incorporated and amend/extend appropriately, and add the required stuff to JSON_Plugin.cpp and the Makefile.