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  xhost +
  xhost +

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The Joggler can also, with the addition of a USB sound card, be used as a SimplePhone extension, which allows you to:

(This page is temporary, as a more automated mechanism for handling this will be created.)


  • Use the Joggler as a Phone
  • Use it as an Intercom
  • Utilize Speak in the House
  • Utilize Follow Me for Telecom

You will need


This is a currently a manual procedure, which, will be refined and automated soon enough, but for those who want to do it:

Set up a Joggler as Audio/Phone Device

  • Go to Advanced > Configuration > Devices
  • Create Top Level Device. Give it a name like "Bedroom Joggler"
  • Enter template #2266 - it should show Joggler as Audio/Phone, Press Pick Device Template.

If you've already created an orbiter for your Joggler

  • Select the Orbiter
  • Scroll to the Controlled By field, it should be -Please Select- currently.
  • Change this value to the device you created above. This will make the Orbiter a child of the Joggler template.
  • Verify this has happened by looking at the device tree, and seeing your orbiter as a child.

Set up the SimplePhone child to Orbiter

  • With the orbiter still selected, press Create Child Device
  • Enter template #1759 - it should show Orbiter Embedded Phone, press Pick Device Template.

Reload the router.

Copy files to the device

Open a shell on either your hybrid, or a media director, and use this basic command to copy each of the listed files below to the Joggler.

scp /usr/pluto/bin/[filename] joggler@www.xxx.yyy.zzz
  • Config_Ops.sh
  • ListSerialPorts.sh
  • ListSoundCards.sh
  • LockUtils.sh
  • pluto.func
  • SimplePhone
  • Spawn_Device.sh
  • Spawn_Wrapper.sh
  • SQL_Ops.sh
  • Start_LocalDevices.sh
  • TranslateRemoteSoundCard.sh
  • TranslateSoundCard.sh
  • UpdateAvailableSerialPorts.sh
  • UpdateAvailableSoundCards.sh
  • Utils.sh

Install additional packages

Use apt-get to install additional packages (FIXME: maybe there are more)

apt-get install screen mysql-client 

Update Startup Scripts


export DISPLAY=:0.0
xset +dpms
xset dpms 300 300 300

cat /dev/null >/usr/pluto/locks/pluto_spawned_local_devices.txt

if [ -f /home/joggler/startSqueezeSlave.sh ]; then

if [ -f /home/joggler/startOrbiter.sh ]; then



. /usr/pluto/bin/Config_Ops.sh 2>/dev/null


xhost +


while [ "1" == "1" ] ; do 
	cd /usr/pluto/bin
#	/usr/pluto/bin/Orbiter -r $DCERouter  -d $MyOrbiterID
	sleep 15


MySqlHost = MySqlUser = root MySqlPassword = MySqlDBName = pluto_main DCERouter = MySqlPort = 3306 DCERouterPort = 3450 PK_Device = 252 (replace with your #2266 device #) LogLevels=1,5,7,8 Display = 0

Run UpdateAvailableSoundCards.sh

If you haven't attached your microphone, do so now. And run /usr/pluto/UpdateAvailableSoundCards.sh ... This will populate the device data for the sound cards, so that it can be selected in the Web Admin, on the Phones page.


Select your Soundcard on the Phones Page

Go to the Web admin, Wizard > Phones on the left pane, and find your new SimplePhone, it will be called Orbiter Embedded Phone. Set the room, and set the Sound Card to your microphone. Update. Reload Router.

Allow Joggler to access pluto_main Database

Launch mysql on your core, and do the following:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON pluto_main.* TO root@joggler.ip.address.here

Reboot your Joggler

Either by unplugging and plugging, or:

# sync
# reboot

Wait for Orbiter to re-appear.

Verify SimplePhone is running

SSH back into your joggler, and do a:

screen -ls

You should see, two screen processes, one for Orbiter, and one for SimplePhone.

joggler@bedroom-joggler:~$ screen -ls
There are screens on:
	1071.SimplePhone_255	(27/08/13 18:45:03)	(Detached)
	985.Orbiter-254	(27/08/13 18:44:56)	(Detached)
2 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-joggler.


That's it, your new phone extension should be running! :)

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to hit me up on forums or IRC. --Tschak909 20:09, 29 August 2013 (CEST)