Kworld KW-DVB-T 399U

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The KWorld KW-DVB-T 399U is a dual tuner DVB-T usb stick. With an updated V4L DVB library it works very nicely in LinuxMCE-0710. The URL below points to a tar file that contains several libs (its pretty big at 58mb ;-) ). **I would not suggest installing any of the other debs included in this tar as they could seriously damage your normal LinuxMCE installation**


Download it and then extract it to a directory and look in the sub-directory called V4l2 for the lib called 'v4l2-modules-2.6.22-14-generic_0+20090324-2_i386.deb' and install it on your system from the kde desktop or using apt-get.

This may seem obvious (from looking at the filename), but this deb will only install on the 32 bit version (i386) of LMCE.

Once installed please reboot your Core and attach the KW-DVB-T 399U to a usb will be autodetected. Now attach an aerial feed and your done.