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Learning IR Codes

Click "new code", and then choose whether you want to learn the code or type it in manually. If you want to type in codes manually, it must be in Pronto format. There are many web sites that have these codes for you to copy/paste, such as www.remotecentral.com.

Devices with Infrared Learner

Global Cache Devices

The gc100 interface module by Global Cache is available with an infrared learner. Just plug the infrared learner into the 1st RS232 port on the gc100. When you click "New Code", LinuxMCE will automatically start listening for a code from an infrared learner that is attached to the gc100 that you selected as the "Controlled Via" device.


The USB UIRT is plug and play. No need for any additional setup. The Remote needs to be held very close the reciever to ensure proper IR codes are received. Press and Hold the Remote button until the Screen Flashes IR Coder Learned.

Copy and Paste Infrared Codes

If the IR codes are know you can simply copy and paste the codes into the empty box.

Using the Orbiter

If you are setting up an Interface model in an area where you don't have a computer or media director, you can also learn the codes using the Orbiter. First you must add the device here with the LinuxMCE Admin Website. Then click on the 'Advanced' button on the main menu--it's the LinuxMCE logo in the lower left corner. Click 'IR Codes'. Choose the device you want to test, and then you will see a list of all the commands for that device. Select the command to send the code, or the 'learn' button to learn the IR code for that command. If you are not sure which Infrared Group to use, select the 'infrared groups' button to send codes from the various infrared groups. Refer to the LinuxMCE AV Properties.