Linksys WRT54G

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How to Configure this Device as a Switch

Do these steps in order:

1. Connect directly to the router and log on (default IP is, leave the username blank and type 'admin' in the password field)

2. Go to the Security page and disable the firewall (disable all items in the 'block WAN requests' section) - hit the save settings button WRT54G Security.jpg

3. Go to 'Setup' page and change the local IP adress to something within the Core's Range. The Default range for a LinuxMCE Core is to for Pluto Devices and to for non-pluto devices. set the router's local IP to be in the non-Pluto range - mine is - Again Save Settings WRT54G IP.jpg

4. you will now have to re-logon to the new IP address ( for me).

5. On the setup page again, below the local IP address, Disable the DHCP server - Save Settings. (See above)

Reconnect the device to the Eth1 port on the core (to a LAN port not the WAN port) and power cycle it and you are all set.