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Core is the heart and brain of LinuxMCE, the system consists of a Core: one PC acting as a dedicated server and interface with all the sub-components. The Core includes our own plug-and-play back-end so it listens for and auto configures all sorts of devices like network audio players (such as Squeeze Box), IP phones and cameras. The Core automatically exposes a network boot for any other PC's or thin clients you want to use as Media Directors, which you hook up to your TV/Stereo's to use as set top boxes, complete with a media player, PVR, video conferencing, intercom, and a GUI to control everything in the home. All Media Directors work together seamlessly as a total whole-house solution.

More about the Core.


Orbiters are high-tech remote controls. LinuxMCE provides for multiple orbiter options such as a generic PC, wireless tablet PC, PDAs, mobile phones running Symbian or Microsoft Mobile, or through a web interface that can be accessed by any computer inside your network or through the Internet. (The web interface requires user authentication, but currently not with SSL.)

More about orbiters.

Media Directors

Media Directors or MD's can also be generic PC's, but are better when they have an output for a television set such as S-video or RCA jacks. Having a good sound card is also a good idea. The MD's play all your streaming music and video from the core, NAS-device, or any other MD in your home. Output to a TV and speakers for an awesome multimedia experience.

More about Media Directors

Network Attached Storage

You can extend your core's storage with a NAS-device. LinuxMCE can recognize this and use the NAS for saving your files or reading from them, including your music and video collection.

|More about NAS


Security is a big part of LinuxMCE, these functions can control and monitor sensors, video cameras. It can send you alerts to you mobile phone, it can also set your alarm based on different schedules and scenarios. It can even lock the door when you leave your home.

|More about Security


Telecom brings your family and friends closer, with LinuxMCE it's just gets better. LinuxMCE offers videocalls/conferencing, personal voicemailboxes for your hole family, it will also track and see if your home and route incoming calls to nearest phone or even your mobile phone if your not at home.

More about Telecom

Home Automation

Home Automation features of LinucMCE is really neat, it can control lights, climate, where to play your music or video and also it turns your mobile phones into remote controls that can control your whole house.

More about Home Automation


Multimedia in LinuxMCE is always available to you and your family and if you have several homes, you can tie systems in each house together to act as one. Your media will follow you everywhere you go, it will show your videofiles on the nearest device.

More about Multimedia

Personal Computing

Personal Computing can also be done in LinuxMCE, after all it's an ordinary PC with Linux running in the background, complete with Office-suites and all the programs you need for everyday use.

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