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(20090503 (upcoming...))
(20090503 (alpha2.10))
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* pluto-zwave-lighting (505,506) - Init speedup
* pluto-zwave-lighting (505,506) - Init speedup
=== 20090503 (alpha2.10) ===
=== 20090503 (alpha2.14) ===
* pluto-zwave-lighting_2. (505,506) - boolean fixes
* pluto-zwave-lighting_2. (505,506) - boolean fixes

Revision as of 20:40, 3 May 2009


  1. Install Kubuntu Intrepid, update it and enable the restricted (video) drivers if needed. (download Kubuntu 8.10 release from one of these: Northeastern University Mirror, USA, Mannheim University Mirror, Germany)
  2. Run aptitude update and aptitude dist-upgrade to get the latest Kubuntu updates.
  3. Grab the latest installer script from here, unpack them and change into the freshly created new-installer directory.
  4. Run the following scripts (as root, in order): pre-install-from-repo.sh, mce-install.sh, post-install.sh.
  5. Reboot, wait for the activity to stop (see progress on console 8).

In other words, after installing Kubuntu and upgrading it etcetera:

sudo su - #This might ask for the password you specified earlier during the install of kubuntu.
wget -c http://deb.linuxmce.org/ubuntu/new-installer-alpha-latest.tar.gz
tar xvf new-installer-alpha-latest.tar.gz
cd new-installer

nVidia Restricted Driver

Install the nVidia restricted driver (177) from KDE using the Hardware Manager before installing LinuxMCE 0810 Alpha for the best results


Remove reference to hardy in /etc/apt/sources.list

from terminal

sudo apt-get install pluto-mythtv-player

Install updated version of pluto-mythtv-plugin

Setup Diskless MD

Follow the steps from alpha1.

Upgrading kernel

There are issues with the fglrx driver that are documented in Ubuntu's bug tracking system. If you're experiencing those issues, upgrade the kernel to 2.6.27-13 or better. Upgrading the Kernel has been updated with instructions on doing this.


Check if there is no junk like references to hardy in /etc/apt/sources.list then:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Or use a package manager on the KDE desktop for more convenience.

20090218 (alpha-2.1)

  • lmce-datalog-db_2.
  • lmce-datalogger-plugin_2.
  • lmce-enocean-tcm120_2.
  • lmce-src-datalogger-plugin_2.
  • lmce-src-enocean-tcm120_2.
  • lmce-src-lmce-datalog_2.
  • pluto-dcerouter_2.
  • pluto-dhcpd-plugin_2.
  • pluto-hald-src_2.
  • pluto-hald_2.
  • pluto-mythtv-plugin_2.
  • pluto-orbitergen_2.
  • pluto-src-dcerouter_2.
  • pluto-src-hal-device-finder_2.
  • pluto-src-mythtv-plugin_2.
  • pluto-src-orbitergen_2.
  • pluto-src-updatemedia_2.
  • pluto-updateentarea_2.
  • pluto-updatemedia_2.
  • pluto-zwave-lighting_2.
  • lmce-game-player_2.
  • lmce-game-plugin_2.
  • lmce-src-game-player_2.
  • lmce-src-game-plugin_2.

20090222 (alpha-2.1.1)

  • pluto-dcerouter_2.
  • pluto-bluetooth-dongle_2.

20090301 (alpha-2.2)

SVN revision: 21746

To avoid a known problem when upgrading pluto-storage-devices, forcefully remove it before upgrading and let apt fix it:

dpkg -r --force-all pluto-storage-devices
apt-get update
apt-get install -f

Also please note that installing the upgrade of pluto-system-database will OVERWRITE your existing pluto_main database. It is therefore advisable to make a backup first!

mysqldump --skip-extended-insert pluto_main >pluto_main_$PK_Installation-`date '+%Y%m%d:%H%M%S'`.sql
  • pluto-boot-scripts_2.
  • pluto-network-storage_2.
  • pluto-skins-basic_2.
  • pluto-src-network-storage_2.
  • pluto-src-std-plugins_2.
  • pluto-src-updatemedia_2.
  • pluto-std-plugins_2.
  • pluto-storage-devices_2.
  • pluto-system-database_2.
  • pluto-updatemedia_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.

20090308 (alpha-2.3)

SVN revision: 21765

Again it is wise to backup your database as there is a new pluto-system-database package, but this one will not overwrite your pluto_main database if it is already installed, it should do an sqlCVS update instead. Also remove the pluto-storage-devices, hopefully for the last time. See the previous upgrade above for details on how to do these things.

  • pluto-asterisk_2.
  • pluto-src-asterisk_2.
  • pluto-src-text-to-speech_2.
  • pluto-src-updatemedia_2.
  • pluto-storage-devices_2.
  • pluto-system-database_2.
  • pluto-text-to-speech_2.
  • pluto-updatemedia_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.

20090315 (alpha-2.4)

SVN revision: 21798

The web admin is being moved from pluto-admin to lmce-admin with this build. A redirect has been placed in pluto-admin to redirect to the new web admin URL to help smooth the transition. While every attempt has been made to make this a smooth transition, please be sure to file a trac ticket if you find bugs related to this move so I can get them taken care of - jondecker76

The Asterisk IVR is broken in this release. For those that need to get it working/wish to try out new changes, do the following:

sudo apt-get install  libsox-fmt-all 
cd /usr/pluto/bin
sudo rm generate_users_voicemenu.pl
sudo wget http://svn.linuxmce.org/trac.cgi/browser/branches/LinuxMCE-0810/src/Asterisk/generate_users_voicemenu.pl?format=raw
sudo chmod 755 generate_users_voicemenu.pl
sudo ./generate_users_voicemenu.pl

Be sure to have the default voice set up in the Text_To_Speech device's device data (its default is the ugly one we're already used to)! I also highly recommend following the instructions located at http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Text_To_Speech on how to install some better voices, and set the default voice to voice_nitech_us_slt_arctic_hts after you install the better voices (this is the best free voice available ATM). This should all work on next weeks build for those that can wait.. I'm still working on getting the better voices included by default, but need to check on licensing issues first.

  • pluto-asterisk_2.
  • pluto-boot-scripts_2.
  • pluto-makerelease_2.
  • pluto-newmdinteractor_2.
  • pluto-orbitergen_2.
  • pluto-proxy-orbiter_2.
  • pluto-src-asterisk_2.
  • pluto-src-makerelease_2.
  • pluto-src-newmdinteractor_2.
  • pluto-src-orbitergen_2.
  • pluto-src-proxy-orbiter_2.
  • pluto-src-std-plugins_2.
  • pluto-src-text-to-speech_2.
  • pluto-std-plugins_2.
  • pluto-system-database_2.
  • pluto-text-to-speech_2.
  • pluto-updateentarea_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.

20090322 (alpha-2.5)

SVN revision: 21827

  • freepbx_0+2.3.1-2
  • pluto-asterisk_2.
  • pluto-dhcpd-plugin_2.
  • pluto-install-scripts_2.
  • pluto-raid-tools_2.
  • pluto-skins-basic_2.
  • pluto-src-asterisk_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.

20090401 (alpha-2.6)

Note: This build will attempt to use Launch Manager to co-ordinate startup and shutdown of devices. While it is not 100% finished, it is working and stable. Please test it out and file any problems against trac ticket #48. Also, please note the following:

I'm not sure on this, but you  may have to manually install LM via apt-get
After you upgrade, reboot your core 
CLI output of LM can be viewed on tty8 on the core, and tty1 on MD's (alt+ctrl+F8 and alt+ctrl+F1 respectively). You will have to manually switch back to the orbiter on tty7 when finished
CLI output is not yet completely finished, so the top fields will be blank (this is normal for now)
CLI output of the log messages is working however, so please take a peek at them on tty8/tty1 shortly after you hear the 2nd set of beeps on boot up (when the "x" cursor appears on the screen).
You can further test out LM by switching to tty8/tty1 right after doing a router reload and watching the output and comparing it to what you would expect it to be.
LM dos not yet track regen process and report the % done. This should be working in next week's build, however.
If there are problems and/or you wish to restore previous functionality, the original /usr/pluto/bin/startCore.sh file can be restored from the backup /usr/pluto/bin/startCore.sh._backup, and the LM package removed
LM is not yet properly daemonized. I'm saving this step for last after the socket layer is implemented and we get a client coded.

Note: All orbiters will likely do a FULL REGEN after this update, and it may appear that your system is hanging because of this. Please give it some time to finish the regen (could take up to an hour on large installs)

  • lmcevdr_1.1-10_all.deb
  • pluto-website-admin_2.
  • pluto-dynamic-dns_2.
  • lmce-launch-manager_2.
  • pluto-boot-scripts_2.
  • pluto-system-database_2.
  • pluto-orbitergen_2.
  • pluto-updateentarea_2.
  • pluto-orbiter_2.

20090405 (alpha 2.7)

From now on, the SVN version will part of the deb name.

You may need to uninstall 'lmcevdr' (dpkg -r --force-all lmcevdr) and reinstall it (apt-get install lmcevdr) to get around the install-script bug in last weeks .deb package. It worked for me. 
  • lmce-game-player_2.
  • lmce-game-plugin_2.
  • lmce-launch-manager_2.
  • lmce-phoenix-solo-usb_2.
  • lmcevdr_1.1-10_all.deb (This is no main package, and therefore does not contain the regular version designation. It is based upon version 21875)
  • pluto-bluetooth-dongle_2.
  • pluto-simplephone_2.
  • pluto-system-database_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.

20090412 (alpha 2.8)

  • pluto-text-to-speech_2. (283,284) - Finally, good voices will actually install (Nitech HTS Arctic).
  • pluto-system-database_2. (211) - New default voice is voice_nitech_us_slt_arctic_hts. - game plugin and player template cleanups
  • mce-diskless-tools_2. (627,628) - Update kernel image for diskless MDs upon regenning.
  • pluto-website-admin_2. (220) - Infrared codes will now properly come from schema.linuxmce.org
  • pluto-boot-scripts_2. (234)- also schema.linuxmce.org IR codes related.
  • pluto-motion-wrapper_2. (455,456) - changed config variable from ffmpeg_filename to movie_filename
  • lmce_launch_manager_2. (298,299) - LM Actions now work from CLI(such as reload, regen, reboot, etc...)
  • lmce-game-player_2. (673,674) - Rebuilt for new device template
  • lmce-game-plugin_2. (671,672) - Rebuilt for new device template
  • pluto-updateentarea_2. (341,342) - may need to be rebuilt for device template changes

20090413 (alpha 2.9 jondecker special)

  • pluto-text-to-speech_2. (283,284) - fixes stupid post-install typo
  • pluto-zwave-lighting_2. (505,506) - thermostate support

20090419 (alpha 2.10 pbr)

  • pluto-text-to-speech_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.
  • lmce-screen-capture-camera_2.
  • pluto-system-database_2.
  • lmce-game-plugin_2.
  • lmce-game-player_2.
  • pluto-asterisk_2.

20090426 (alpha 2.11)

With this release, MythTV now takes advantage of storage groups. Do some recordings, and try recording to a few different storage groups. Please test this out and report any problems such as duplicate attributes appearing in pluto_media, icon image not showing up, recordings failing to record, etc. Also, if you do have problems, try a reboot and see if it fixes the problem, then please let me know if the reboot fixed your problem. - jondecker76

POST-BUILD UPDATE: A couple of small bugs have been found that will be fixed in next week's build. 1) Some storage groups are missing the leading "/" in the path, causing problems images in mythweb, downloads in the mythweb, etc. 2) Unmounted storage devices were being skipped. This means that you may not have a storage group for some of your devices at some times. I am changing this so that the storage groups are created, and if for some reason it is not available when a recording is set to use the storage group, then the recording will go to the (always present) Default storage group. For those wanting to fix #1 right now, just edit /usr/pluto/bin/StorageDevices_PlutoDirStructure.sh and add a preceeding slash before the path beginning with 'home/....' on lines 214 and 226. After this modification, MythTV works great in all of the storage groups! (You should do a reboot after making the change)

  • lmcevdr_1.1-10_all.deb - more setup fixes, this time for the MD
  • pluto-boot-scripts_2. (234) - small fix to get rid of a warning on DCERouter startup re missing dir., New MythTV directory structure stuff
  • pluto-asterisk_2. (270,271) - Added Support for Cisco 7910 phone
  • pluto-dhcpd-plugin_2. (302) - Added support for Cisco 7910 phone
  • pluto-system-database_2. (211) - If new devices are added, the pluto-system-database needs to be updates as well
  • pluto-storage-devices_2. (533) - Adds new tv_shows_* directories. Generates MythTV storage groups
  • pluto-std-plugins_2. (134,153) - adds some useful debugging snippets that helped trace down the problem of mythtv attributes not adding to pluto_media
  • pluto-mythtv-plugin_2. (134,153) - lots of changes to facilitate the new storage groups
  • pluto-network-storage_2. (503,508) - small changes to work with new tv_shows_* directories

20090429 (alpha 2.12)

  • pluto-storage-devices_2. (533) - Fixes some small bugs in MythTV storage groups
  • pluto-boot-scripts_2. (234) - misc. MythTV storage group enhancements
  • pluto-mythtv-plugin_2. (134,153) - misc. MythTV storage group enhancement
  • mce-diskless-tools_2. (627,628) - lots of fixes for MD boot- Changes effect new installs only
  • pluto-system-database_2. (211) - Fixes hardy issue in sources.list
  • pluto-nvidia-video-drivers_2. (490) - changed the package requirement to nvidia-glx-180 for intrepid

20090501 (alpha 2.13)

There are a few more MythTV storage group changes in this build. Please understand that the storage group name changes may throw mythweb out of whack on some old recordings, but this should be minimal. The old "user_*/<storage_device>" naming scheme is replaced with a "<username>:<storage_device>" naming convention. This will appeal to many more users than the user_* convention. Also, there is now support for custom storage groups. You can make your own storage groups now on top of the auto-generated LMCE ones by prepending with "custom:" (for example, you may make a new storage group named "custom:MyDrive", and it will not be removed or overwritten by the scripts that generate the storage groups). One last change is in the "Default" storage group - it no longer points to the drive with most space. This was changed because eventually it would throw mythweb for a loop once the paths changed. I will look into a better way to defaultly record to the drive with most space, most likely using recording profiles.

  • lmce-launch-manager (298,299) - db wrapper fix to handle empty resultsets
  • pluto-bluetooth-dongle (124,143) - fix some connection issues in JavaMO
  • pluto-mythtv-plugin (134,153)
  • pluto-storage-devices (533)
  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) - MD fixes
  • mce-diskless-tools (391) - MD fixes
  • pluto-install-scripts (627,628) - MD fixes
  • pluto-x-scripts (520,523) - AV Wizard fix for MD
  • pluto-zwave-lighting (505,506) - Init speedup

20090503 (alpha2.14)

  • pluto-zwave-lighting_2. (505,506) - boolean fixes

20090510 (upcoming...)

  • pluto-diskless

Previous alpha releases