LinuxMCE-0810 alpha2

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  1. Install Kubuntu Intrepid, update it and enable the restricted (video) drivers if needed. (download Kubuntu 8.10 release)
  2. Run aptitude update and aptitude dist-upgrade to get the latest Kubuntu updates.
  3. Grab the latest installer script from here, unpack them and change into the freshly created new-installer directory.
  4. Run the following scripts (as root, in order):,,
  5. Reboot, wait for the activity to stop (see progress on console 8).

In other words, after installing Kubuntu and upgrading it etcetera:

sudo su - #This might ask for the password you specified earlier during the install of kubuntu.
wget -c
tar xvf new-installer-alpha-latest.tar.gz
cd new-installer

nVidia Restricted Driver

Install the nVidia restricted driver (177) from KDE before installing LinuxMCE 0810 Alpha for the best results

Install MythTV

Remove reference to hardy in /etc/apt/sources.list from terminal

sudo apt-get install pluto-mythtv-player

Install updated version of pluto-mythtv-plugin

Notes about former alpha releaes