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This page outlines some information about the Beta, as well as outline any changes and bugfixes we are applying, just like we did with the alpha2 page.

The installation instructions found on the alpha2 page still apply:


  1. Install Kubuntu Intrepid desktop, update it and enable the restricted (video) drivers if needed. (download Kubuntu 8.10 desktop release from one of these: Northeastern University Mirror, USA, Mannheim University Mirror, Germany) Currently, only the 32bit version of LinuxMCE is available. Only download the i386 version of 8.10 Kubuntu, even if your system can support 64bit versions.
  2. Run aptitude update and aptitude dist-upgrade to get the latest Kubuntu updates.
  3. Grab the latest installer script from here, unpack them and change into the freshly created new-installer directory.
  4. Run the following scripts (as root, in order):,,
  5. Reboot, wait for the activity to stop (see progress on console 8).

EDIT: MAKE SURE YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION IS ON ETH0! (For linux Newbies ETH0 is probably the network card on your motherboard...or plug all NICs into a switch that has Internet access)

In other words, after installing Kubuntu:

sudo su - #This might ask for the password you specified earlier during the install of kubuntu.
aptitude update
aptitude dist-upgrade
wget -c
tar xvf new-installer-alpha-latest.tar.gz
cd new-installer

However, if you want to install the DVD, grab it via the torrent here.

Upon DVD boot, select LinuxMCE install. This will install a regular Kubuntu 810 system, with an additional button on the desktop to install LinuxMCE upon restart. Let Kubuntu's install run thru, and after restart, login, and double click on the LinuXMCE icon. This will run the in /root/new-installer

The DVD installer per default does not create the initial MD image, as that creation takes a very long time, and most people probably prefer to give 810 a test, without the MDs. If you want to setup MDs, you have to manually run


Upcoming changes...

  • lmce-skins-titanium - Fix for the arrow up of the media remote
  • lmce-launch-manager - Reworking interaction to allow activate orbiter plasmoid again