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This page outlines some information about the Beta, as well as outlining any changes and bugfixes we are applying, just like we did with the alpha2 page.

If a package needs to be built, put it under Upcoming fixes... As soon as a set of package is built, those packages move into a section called Update XXXXX where XXXXX is the svn revision at the time of build.

Upcoming fixes...

Note: Please put the name of the package file and the source and bin package number in this list, followed by a small description of what has changed! Hulu Player is not the name of the package, but lmce-hulu-player. It makes the life of the person, who needs to update the repo a lot easier. Thank you!

  • lmce-qorbiter-skins-qt5libs (845) - Incremental updates
  • lmce-qorbiter-skins-qt4libs (846) - Incremental updates
  • pluto-website-admin (220) - Fixes for tvdb admin use, updates regex

Update 28170

  • pluto-plutodhcp (330,491) - no source changes, new package needs to be pushed to trigger the postinst script to fix apparmor settings

Update 28115

  • lmce-qorbiter-skins-qt5libs (845) - initial qOrbiter skin packaging
  • lmce-qorbiter-skins-qt4libs (846) - initial qOrbiter skin packaging
  • lmce-qorbiter-skins-common (847) - initial qOrbiter skin packaging (fonts)
  • lmce-qorbiter-skins-rpi (848) - initial qOrbiter skin packaging
  • lmce-qorbiter-skins-android (849) - initial qOrbiter skin packaging
  • lmce-qorbiter-skins-desktop (850) - initial qOrbiter skin packaging
  • pluto-install-scripts (391) - will add entries to sources.list again
  • pluto-std-plugins (116,135) & CreateDevice honours InstallWizard_Distro table on Core & MD creation
  • pluto-createdevice (303,304) - CreateDevice honours InstallWizard_Distro table on Core & MD creation
  • pluto-website-admin (220) - Backports fixes from trunk for Amazon search
  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) - Make apparmor permit raw packet data to dhcp server so it can serve addresses again

Update 27943

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) No reference. Addition of about 100 new nvidia cards.

Update 27929

  • pluto-website-admin (220) - Fixes #1847 - First phoneline added did not save, Fixes #1848 - Delete incoming routing informations on phoneline delete (foxi352)
  • pluto-website-admin (220) - #1170 - Qorbiter on Android. Backports qOrbiterGenerator.php, imdbImage.php
  • pluto-website-admin (220 - #1677 - Should fix duplicate key issue.

Update 27637

  • lmce-roku (833,834) - backported from 1204, as it has completely replaced the original GSD device.

Update 27629

  • lmce-hulu-player - Package up a working flashplayer lib
  • lmce-asterisk - Fixes #1766 - * in username / password now possible

Update 27457

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) : Fixes #1758 - Modified Bootscripts postinst to reflect AVAHI services directory structure changes

Update 27366

  • mce-diskless-tools (627,628) - depmod against the chroot's kernel version, not the core's

Update 27338

  • pluto-dcerouter - adds BlueCrystal skin as depends to have installed by default

Update 27303

  • pluto-website-admin (220) - Add new files for qorbiter to pull images.
  • LinuxMCE-mediaTagging (780) - Added additional overrides for season and media-subtype.

Update 27272

  • LinuxMCE-mediaTagging (780) - fixed some parsing issues, wrong sized images. added override functionality for tagging as well.
  • mce-diskless-tools (628,627) - Refs #1694 fix kernel targeting on MD.
  • pluto-boot-scripts (234)
    • Fixes #1702 - Fix of some jumbled nvidia pciids.
    • Refs #1686 - Leave mics muted if they are to prevent hum/feedback
    • Refs #1689 - Addition of ATI detection, more release specificity, better kernel upgrade handling.

Update 27190

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) - Refs #1674 Minor changes to video and audio setups.

Update 27179

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) - Refs #1593 Reference the correct DT for stereo virtual soundcard support in

Update 27169

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) - Refs #1664 linuxmce and calling too early, before ELD data becomes available for evaluation. This is tested, and working. There is no reason to make the calls earlier than they are now. ELD will not become valid until an X window is called.

Update 27166

  • lmce-usb-gamepad - fix erraneous detection of none-joystick devices.

Update 27164 - rc2

  • mce-diskless-tools (628,627)
    • Refs #1676 lets install libdvdcss2 if it is already on the core, but not in the TBZ image.
    • Refs #1679 Populate deb-cache.
  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) - Refs #1677 Reverse the AlternateSC numbering scheme for more compatibility, and less complication, out of the box on almost everything.

Update 27149

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1656 fix - Change alsa output from device name to hardware name (plughw). Please ensure asound.conf and asound.conf.backup make it into templates

Update 27136

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234)
    • Fixes #1664 - Adds scheme to detect nvidia GT device number by eld
    • Fixes #1669 - Fix nouveau remove to prevent reboot loop
    • Refs #1656 fix - Change alsa output from device name to hardware name (plughw)
  • pluto-system-database (211) - Refs #1604 - Added Mac Range to NCB541W Camera DT #2222
  • pluto-simplephone - Fixes #1656 - use alsa default as the output
  • lmce-onewire? - default to usb device when no serial device is given

Update 27065

  • pluto-std-plugins (116,135) - Fixes #1659. Alsa utils was not being installed and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to delete the ppa.

Update 27063

  • pluto-std-plugins (116,135) - Fixes #1657 fix crash on unconfigured event

Update 27058

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) - Fixes #1587 all remaining networking issues. Now a correct preliminary interfaces is created and kernel route established. Side effect, installer has internet now, and packages are updated on the fly. Changes to and
  • pluto-website-admin (220) - Add Android Touch Orbiter to Orbiters page, add ability to see bookmarks for games.
  • lmce-game-player (673,674) - Fix Famicom disk system support, disks should now go to correct slot.

Update 27049

  • pluto-updatemedia(405,406) - Fixes #1642 - flac tag unicode characters
  • pluto-system-database (211) - Fixes #1644 - fix button mapping on Logitech MX Air
  • pluto-xine-player (117,136) - Fixes #1645 - fix coordinate of mouse clicks on xine videos(DVD)
  • pluto-asterisk (270) - Fixes #1648 - Fix undefined variable in script when tts language is not defined.
  • pluto-website-admin (220) - Fixes #1647 Fixed standard thermostat DT#4 in KNX climate wizard.
  • lmce-eib-eibd (773) - Fixes #1646 - Added brightness sensors to eib-eibd device. It now emits brightness changed events.

Update 27035

  • lmce-asterisk -- Refs #1443,#1551 Use cid from PAI or PAF SIP header if available. Try to make gtalk working. Credits to cfernandes

Update 27027

  • pluto-std-plugins (116,135) - change to General_Info_Plugin.cpp to change mail from to user instead of root@dcerouter
  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) - only boost audio while in avwiz
  • pluto-website-admin (220) -- Refs #1638, #1639 - Repaired broken climate scenario wizard in web admin

pluto-dcerouter has been uploaded as well, as there have been changes to libc6... Just want to be on the save side.

Update 26983

  • Xine_Player - Refs #1635 - fixes crash with Internet radio stations not transmitting all needed meta data

Update 26974

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1626 change the way we discover devices. Grepping by name is not viable as there is no standard.

Update 26965

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1626 addition of Audigy 2 chipset recognition, and change of behavior for AlternateSC = 2 as detailed here.

Update 26939

  • lmce-advanced-ip-camera(813,812) - fix for new segfault

Update 26938

  • lmce-advanced-ip-camera(813,812) - Possible fix for segfault

Update 26909

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234)
    • Refs #1617 bad sql query in fixed. Not sure where it came from. 710 does not have it, 810 does. New virtual sound cards revealed it.
    • Refs #1619 Passthrough is not working on most devices. This fixes that.

Update 26907

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1564 Fixed more errors from conversion, a typo and variable placement. Was causing systems with no soundcard to hang. Added KVM support in one more place.

Update 26897

  • lmce-usb-gamepad (795,796) - Improve error handling for case when a game pad returns a short read. (tschak)

Update 26859

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1592 Fixed errors from conversion. Trying to make multiple cards universally accepted... and leave open the ability to run multiple cards.

Update 26847

  • pluto-std-plugins(116,135) - fix climate plugin to not show thermostat mode for multilevel sensors
  • pluto-website-admin (220) - Refs #1598 - improvements/fixes to VPN setup
  • pluto-boot-scripts (234)
    • Refs #1598 - improvements/fixes to VPN setup.
    • Refs #1579 Added KVM specific driver to routine.
      • Also better handling of multiple cards...
      • ranking system implemented, not blacklisting atm...
      • instead specifying BusID in xorg.conf and tying driver.
  • pluto-avwizard (556,555)
    • Refs #1579 Added KVM specific driver to routine.
    • Also better handling of multiple cards...
    • ranking system implemented, not blacklisting atm...
    • instead specifying BusID in xorg.conf and tying driver.

Update 26759

  • pluto-std-plugins(116,135) - Refs #1230 - new commands for golgoj's qOrbiter

Update 26757

  • lmce-advanced-ip-camera(813,812) - Fixed problem with http requests - improved and fixes problem with callback memory handling
  • pluto-std-plugins(116,135) - Refs #1230 - new commands for golgoj's qOrbiter

Update 26728

  • pluto-std-plugins(116,135) - Refs #1230 - command now returns data as advertised

Update 26650

  • pluto-system-database (211) -- Refs #1558 - Make Brightness sensor controllable via KNX
  • pluto-website-admin (220) -- Refs #1558 - Modifications in KNX wizard

Update 26635

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1564 Small change to to better assign values. Change to to re-add alsa-backports for most ION2. Change to asound.conf.backup to handle analog surround (6 and 8 channel).

Update 26633

  • pluto-hdhomerun (621,620) Refs #1568 remove abandoned dbox2 reference for scanning data.
  • pluto-mythtv-plugin (134,153) Refs #1568 nothing to see here, just case changes for conformity.

Update 26629

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1535 change asound.conf completely. AlternateSC scheme still in place and will use pluto.conf.backup to apply analog 5.1/7.1 surround.
  • mce-diskless-tools (628,627) Refs #1597 stop overwriting authorized_keys on core.

Update 26619

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1535. Fix path typo, prevent bad card,device numbering. Final commit IV.
  • pluto-std-plugins - Refs #1599 - DST event plugin fix. Thx tschak (next time enter the package in here, please :) )

Update 26611

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1535. Fix previous changes to allow hw/plug assign to keep non-new nVidia assigned correctly in myth for correct default usage (non GT series nvidia equipment). Fix bad variable in which sets alternate config for GT series. Add ConfGet for alternative series. Final answer Regis.

Update 26610

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1596. Fix previous changes to allow hw/plug assign to keep non-new nVidia assigned correctly in myth for correct default usage (non GT series nvidia equipment)

Update 26608

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1596. Changes to allow hw/plug assign to keep non-new nVidia assigned correctly in myth for correct default usage (non GT series nvidia equipment)

Update 26595

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1596. Changes to to do some error recovery for a cleaner install experience. Please add to pluto-boot-scripts

Update 26579

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1535 final commit, yeah I said it, to to read AlternateSC variable from pluto.conf. All audio should work now on everything.

Update 26576

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1586 Removal of ivy bridge support to Not ready for prime time and we are beta. Refs #1564 writing our alsa.conf template on install causes the first load of alsa to break, so we cannot use or manipulate it.

Update 26573

  • mce-diskless-tools (628,627) Refs #1586 Change to vmlinuz initrd.img softlink logic on core.
  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1535 Preliminary failsafe added to sed changed to avoid conflict of variable expansion and separators.

Update 26570

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1535 Reversion changes to to correctly apply changes to asound.conf and xine.conf. New alternative scheme to be added later for stragglers.
  • mce-diskless-tools (628,627) Refs #1586 Change to vmlinuz initrd.img softlinks on core, provide alternative if moon root softlink does not exist, add chmod +r to both.
  • pluto-xine-player (117,136) Refs #1594 time code event

Update 26558

  • lmce-game-player (673,674) - Fix problems when multiple games of different game systems were added into the same playlist. Add a crash dialog.
  • lmce-game-plugin (671,672) - The other side of the above fix.

Update 26551

  • pluto-system-database (211) -- Refs #1589 - Amend the CriteriaParmList for the Doorbell event to correctly setup the criteria in web admin.
  • pluto-std-plugins (116,135) -- Refs #1590 - fix for enabling timed events disabled on reload
  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1564 Moar changes to to correctly apply changes to asound.conf and xine.conf. Missed a few types of onboard cards.
  • pluto-avwizard (556,555) Refs #1564 Changes to be more cross compatable and compliment other changes.

More changes in the works to change mythtv settings for onboard HDMI.

Update 26541

  • pluto-xine-player (117,136) Changes to mkr_postinstall to remove odd reference "input.file_origin_path:/home/public/data/music/AC-DC/The Razors Edge" to /etc/pluto/xine.conf
  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1564 Changes to to correctly apply changes to asound.conf and xine.conf regardless of card/alsa version/config. Provides surround ootb if hardware supports.
  • pluto-avwizard (556,555) Refs #1564 Changes to AVWizard to fix oversights and to be more cross compatable and compliment other changes.

Kid tested, mother approved. Please build a new snapshot.

Update 26523

  • mce-diskless-tools (628) Refs #1586 Change to /tftpboot/###/vmlinuz and initrd.img softlinks, to poin to buntu generated link so should a kernel change, no change needs to be made on the core
  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) Refs #1586 Addition of ivy/sandy bridge support to install scheme. #1587 change to initial nic config in firstboot script.
  • lmce-game-player (673,674) -- whoops, add MAME template to package! (tschak)

Update 26516

  • pluto-storage-devices (533) Refs #1584 Bad SQL syntax in causing repetative md fileserver adds.

Update 26512

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) -- refs #1566 Addition of file to prevent multiple game pad detections.

Update 26510

  • pluto-storage-devices (533) Refs #1520 fixes for offline drives and core drive detection in and New snap would probably not hurt anyones feelings.

Update 26506

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) -- Ref #1564 change to asound.conf, backup of odd version in place. This provides stereo hdmi for everyone and prevents DTS avwiz lockup. It is a band-aid. It will be solved to provide true surround... however currently most hdmi audio is broken so this is a necessary step
  • pluto-vdr -- Ref #434 - Better support for displaying what is currently running, in case vdr-plugin-status is installed.

Update 26487

  • pluto-zwave - Ref #44 Severe bug that prevented SetAssociation from working

Update 26485

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) -- Ref #1564 Small change to to check the state of need for alsa backport module, regardless of whether or not the correct nvidia driver is already installed. This is a problem if upgrading an existing install at the moment, snapshot unaffected.

Update 26484

  • pluto-website-admin (220) -- Refs #1321. Added Telecom TTS voice selection to Wizard/Basic Info/Installation.
  • pluto-system-database (211) -- Refs #1321. Added Language DeviceData to TTS device.
  • pluto-asterisk (270) -- Refs #1321. Refactored IVR generation script to multilanguage. Added french and german generation routines.
  • lmce-asterisk -- Refs #1321 Adding german and french phonetic translators to use with mbrola tts
  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) -- Ref #1564, Fixed audio problems for HDMI on most everything. Affected files are and A new snapshot should be generated.
  • pluto-avwizard (555,556) -- Ref #1564, more audio changes similar to above, affecting

Update 26461

  • lmce-eib-eibd (773) -- Refs #1558. Make RGB lights work with KNX. One DCE command can be mapped to an array of multiple KNX commands. Can be usefull for supporting other devices in future.
  • pluto-website-admin (220) -- Refs #1558. KNX wizard completely refactored under the hood. Should now fully work. Support for RGB lights added.
  • pluto-system-database (211) -- Refs #1558. Removed KNX Thermostats from webadmin. This is already included in KNX Climate

Update 26459

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) -- Refs #1541. Fixed stupid mistake in which was deleting xorg.conf and xorg.conf.pluto.avwizard while working through the end of the wizard.

Update 26458

  • pluto-std-plugins (116,135) - Fixes return value of commands in #1230
  • lmce-game-player (673,674) -- PCEngine added to Emulator Factory
  • pluto-system-database (211) -- Lots of Game Player fixes in designer related to the various orbiter remotes.
  • lmce-sdlmame (682,683) -- patches for game recording (AVI file by default) and to disable warning and disclaimer messages.
  • lmce-sdlmess (716,717) -- patches for game recording (AVI file by default) and to disable warning and disclaimer messages.
  • pluto-boot-scripts (234) -- Refs #1541. Live boot from the live DVD is now fixed, with better video handling. Changes to and A new snapshot should be generated. Ref #1564, Fixed audio problems for HDMI on most everything. Affected files are and More chipsets appropriated there as well.
  • pluto-avwizard (555,556) -- Ref #1564, more audio changes similar to above, affecting

Update 26392

  • pluto-boot-scripts (234)
    • Refs #1414. Change from manufacturer names to pciid for clearer detection and added ATI HD2xxx-4xxx fglrx use in
    • Refs #1535. Change to missing a $ in EnableDigitalOutputs. Adds || to prevent crashing if there is no card available.
  • pluto-avwizard (555,556)
    • Refs #1273 backup and remove xorg.conf and xorg.conf.pluto.avwizard on start of AVWizard to go fix toggling/sizing problems.
    • Refs #1535. Change to Adds || to audio mixer unmute/vol set to prevent Wizard crashing if there is no card available or asound cannot be set for other reasons.
  • huludesktop
    • Refs #1480 make our own fun. This source creates package huludesktop huludesktop_i386.deb with all of the pieces in place. Reverts flash to, the last version with GPU accelleration/VDPAU. This package does not exist in lucid multiverse, so there should be no version competition. Consider changing version and testing in 8.10 for cross compatability, unless theirs is working well. Possible advantage of accelleration in flash. Folder lives in and can be built from there with dpkg-deb -b huludesktop_i386
  • lmce-asterisk
    • Refs #1443 Get CID working in asterisk when no PAE header present

Update 26373

  • pluto-x-scripts (520,523)
    • #1414 removes attempt to install defunct nvidia-glx package and stops preinstall of fglrx in case of radeon requirement, as the two cause conflicts.
  • pluto-boot-scripts (234)
    • Refs #1535 Change to for new handling of nvidia HDMI audio scenario to overwrite the asound.conf template. Inclusion of asound.conf.backports. Additional changes to revert from backports on chipset change which no longer requires/desires it.