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LinuxMCE community portal

Request for comment

I have added a new section for coding Media Components. In addition, I have also added a new template stub called {{Needs Programmer Review}} which automatically categorizes the article. This is intended for programming primers and information that needs to be verified and refined by other programmers. --Tschak909 10:39, 3 February 2008 (PST)

Comments and ideas welcomed in a debate about categorization.


  • 19/10-07 - Danielk has set up a public development area (Trac, dev mailing list). Please do also comment on moving development related stuff on the discussion page. Thanks --chriss 05:08, 20 October 2007 (MST)
  • 27/9-07 - Lozzo and Trout are now also admins.
  • 24/9-07 - New template added, Template:Delete, add this to pages that you propose for deletion, these pages will also be added to the category Delete Page. --Samme 06:09, 24 September 2007 (MST)
  • 24/9-07 - I have now blocked the known spammers, another thing I've done is that I've added the category NeedsToBeFixed, look at the page for further information. --Samme 02:48, 24 September 2007 (MST)
  • 12/12-07' - Dan Damron knows a little about templates.. Offer to help with this section. dan at damron period ca
  • 22/9-07 - Is there somebody out there who knows how to make templates? If so we need you're help!!!
  • 15/9-07 - Trout has now also volunteered as admin.
  • 14/9-07 - I, Samme is now administrator of the wiki, after a discussion with Paul, other interested in helping, mail me, you'll find my adress under the contact page.

To do

  1. Spam prevention
  2. Recruit a second admin and also volunteers, up for the task? Contact me!
  3. Delete garbage pages all can be found in the category Delete Page
  4. Set up rules & guidelines for the wiki
  5. New first page
  6. Fix hardware pages
  7. Categories, proposal, very important
  8. Various guides maybe replace FAQ?
  9. Dictionary?
  10. Join associated pages by unision or cross-referencing (if they are definately in different categories)

Feel free to add things to do, after all it is a wiki :o)

Pages needing attention

Handy templates

  • {{stub}} used to specify articles which need expanding
  • {{sectstub}} used to specify sections which need expanding
  • {{uncat}} used to specify articles which need to be categorized
  • {{delete}} article nominated for deletion
  • {{merge|articlename}} specifies article with which the current article should be merged
  • {{NeedsToBeFixed}} article needs to be fixed in some way - better to use more descriptive templates if possible

Some useful links