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LinuxMCE community portal


  • 24/9-07 - New template added, Template:Delete, add this to pages that you propose for deletion, these pages will also be added to the category Delete Page. --Samme 06:09, 24 September 2007 (MST)
  • 24/9-07 - I have now blocked the known spammers, another thing I've done is that I've added the category NeedsToBeFixed, look at the page for further information. --Samme 02:48, 24 September 2007 (MST)
  • 22/9-07 - Is there somebody out there who knows how to make templates? If so we need you're help!!!
  • 15/9-07 - Trout has now also volunteered as admin.
  • 14/9-07 - I, Samme is now administrator of the wiki, after a discussion with Paul, other interested in helping, mail me, you'll find my adress under the contact page.

To do

  1. Spam prevention
  2. Recruit a second admin and also volunteers, up for the task? Contact me!
  3. Delete garbage pages all can be found in the category Delete Page
  4. Set up rules & guidelines for the wiki
  5. New first page
  6. Fix hardware pages
  7. Categories, proposal, very important
  8. Various guides maybe replace FAQ?
  9. Dictionary?
  10. Join associated pages by unision or cross-referencing (if they are definately in different cathegories) exampe: Nokia_770, Nokia_770_Orbiter, Building_Orbiter_for_the_Nokia_770

Feel free to add things to do, after all it is a wiki :o)

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