LinuxMCE 710 DVD Installation

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Warning: This installation will wipe the whole disk of the machine. All previous data will be permanently lost!

Getting Ready for Installation

  1. Download the LinuxMCE DVD .iso Image
  2. Burn it with your favorite DVD writing software.
  3. Enter your PC's BIOS (usually by pressing the DEL or F2 key at boot-up). Select the CD/DVD to be the first bootup device. Save your BIOS settings.
  4. Insert the LinuxMCE DVD in the drive.
  5. If your PC successfully boots from the LinuxMCE DVD you should see the following boot menu:

Installing LinuxMCE

Boot menu.JPG

DVD Installation Options

  1. Install Linux Media Center - this will install LinuxMCE on your hard drive.
  2. Recovery - allows you to open a console and diagnose your non-bootable system or request support from the technical department.
  3. Memory test - test your PC's volatile memory (SDRAM, DDRAM).
  4. Boot from first hard disk - boot your PC from the first hard drive (like a normal boot).

To start the installation, choose the first option.

Choosing the Hard Drive

Which drive.jpg

  1. Select the drive for install. Press 1 for the first hard-drive, 2 for the second hard-drive, etc. Remember, this wipes your HD: partitions, data, everything.
  2. The installation continues.

Continue.jpg Continue2.jpg

Finishing Installation

  1. When the installation is finished, remove the disc from the drive, close the tray and press 'Enter'



After rebooting, LinuxMCE will load. Configure your audio and video settings.

A/V Wizard

For a more detailed look at the A/V Wizard CLICK HERE. Especially, if you do not see the AV Wizard, look at the detailed step by step instructions in there.


Select the output connector of your video card, the resolution and refresh of your display adapter.

If you can see the following image, press on 'continue'. else, choose a lower resolution/refresh

Select the graphical interface you want, according to your video card capabilities. For 'OpenGL' interface you should have at least a GeForce 6200 video card

In the next step, you have to adjust the image to align it with the corner arrows

Choose the audio output connector

Select the output volume of your PC.

The review of your setup options. You can agree, or return to the first step and run your options again

House Setup Wizard

For a more detailed description CLICK HERE

SeeAndHearMe.jpg StartUsingTheSystemNow.jpg
After you complete the video setup press "Start using the system now".

LinuxMCE Launch Manager

LMCE Launch Manager will start your Media Center.


And open the Onscreen Orbiter


Is this still needed below

Click Computing, then Pluto Admin to open the LinuxMCE Web Admin page.


15.Login with your LMCE user and password, that you have created in VIdeo Wizard (the first user created).


16.Go to Advanced -> Network -> Network Settings to modify your network settings:

Netw set menu.jpg Netw set page.jpg

17.For the "external network card" select the type that you use to connect to the Internet.most users will choose dynamic IP address. If you use a static IP address choose this and type in the settings (IP/Subnet/Gateway/DNS) provided by your ISP.

Netw set ip.jpg

18.After you've finished setting up your network press update, and then the close button from the bottom right side of the screen.