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Installing LinuxMCE-0810 is a fairly easy process that involves:

  • Installing Kubuntu 8.10
  • Updating Kubuntu 8.10
  • Installing LinuxMCE-0810 on top of the updated Kubuntu 8.10

Before proceeding its wise to read the FAQ. Because of the fact that its a delicate installation small things make a huge difference.

Please see below for details on Internet Installation and DVD Installation methods.

Note: an active internet connection is required regardless of installation method.

DVD Installation

  • Boot the DVD and select LinuxMCE (it is the top option) This will install a regular Kubuntu 810 system, with an additional button on the desktop to install LinuxMCE.
  • Let Kubuntu's install run through, and after restart, login.
  • Go to the Desktop and double click on the LinuxMCE icon. This will run the in /root/new-installer and install LinuxMCE-0810 on top of you updated Kubuntu installation.

Note: If you receive the error "kdesudo command not found" ignore it completely, do not even click the OK button.

Note: Once the above process is complete - the AV Wizard should start (after rebooting). If you get a black or blank screen you probably need to change your video card outputs. Instructions on how to do this are available: here

The DVD installer per default does not create the initial MD image, as that creation takes a very long time, and most people probably prefer to give 810 a test, without the MDs. If you want to setup MDs, you have to manually run


(You should only have to do this once)

If you have problems running, check this article.

If you then have problems netbooting your diskless media directors because you are receiving the error message "Diskless Setup Failed", check this article.

Keeping Up-to-date with updates

Note It is strongly recommend that you do not update/upgrade a stable, working system user:L3mce

Once you have installed LinuxMCE-0810, all you need to do to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest, is run the following from a terminal on the core and each MD:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Note: You should NOT run apt-get dist-upgrade after LinuxMCE is installed, as it can cause several problems, including having different kernel versions on your core and media directors, and the installation of new Kubuntu packages that can break some features!