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LinuxMCE is a collection of many pieces of software. Every installation can be a custom mix of devices, plug-ins and other modules. LinuxMCE Home's primary documentation explains how LinuxMCE works, how to install it and set it up, and how to use it if you have a standard installation with the normal LinuxMCE devices and plug-ins.</p>

This section of the documentation explains each of the software modules in detail: how to use them, configure them, and program them. The software modules are divided into the following groups of software written by LinuxMCE: Core Programs, Libraries, Utilities, DCE Devices and Plug-ins. Since independent programmers are welcome to make contributions and LinuxMCE will be happy to host them and the documentation for others to use, there are also sections for 3rd party modules: Plug-ins, DCE Devices and Utilities.

For a complete list of all the software modules in LinuxMCE index.php?section=modules&package=0.

LinuxMCE Home Software Sections