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General Info

Package: pluto-update-system

Directory: src/PlutoUpdateSystem

File Details

Please Note: you can only force an update if there are updates available

LinuxMCE live updating system is taking care of by 4 shell scripts:
This script is runned by cron and downloads all the needed deb packages for doing an dist-upgrade on the Core and all of it's MDs. Also this script calls the script to notify the user that the updates are available and he shoule reboot certain machine so they can be installed. This script runs only on the Core.
This is a startup script and is runned by the /etc/init.d/fastboot/rcS.d system initialization script before any of the LinuxMCE services get started. It checks if DownloadUpdates has downloaded all the needed packages and if so, it trigers a dist-updagrade. If a new kernel is one of the updated packages he also takes care of rebooting the system after all the updates are installed. This script is run by Core and all the Diskless MDs.
Notifies the user via orbiters that updates are available and that certain machines should do a reboot so they can update. It takes the PK_Device of the machine that needs to reboot as a parameter.
Force system update. It kill all instances of already run and, display notification message about reboot on all Orbiters and send a command to the Core to reboot it and start process of system update.

How to upgrade manually

--Totallymaxed 08:14, 2 March 2008 (PST) I would suggest the following procedure for forcing the download of updates under 0704;

Go to the /usr/pluto/bin directory

run the following script;

 sudo ./ background<return>

This will take some time while the update archives are downloaded... so be patient! Once the updates are downloaded you should be asked whether you want to apply the update in the Orbiter - click "Yes" to apply updates and thats it.

Quoting nite_man from forum :

You can do upgrade manually. Go to the /usr/pluto/bin and run one by one two scripts:




The first one will download all updated packages and the second one will apply changes to the LinuxMCE installation.

Note: you should wain until finish. Also, you can ignore some warnings which may be generated by this script (you can see the log /var/log/pluto/DownloadUpdates.log)

Another way to perform system update is use the Orbiter:

  More --> Advanced Options --> Force Upgrade Now

It forces reboot your core and starts upgrade.