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(Cooling Fan or Heat Sink)
(Cooling Fan or Heat Sink)
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Silverstone NT07-AM2 Fan
Silverstone NT07-AM2 Fan
([http://www.silverstonetek.com/products/p_spec.php?pno=nt07-am2&area=usa website])
([http://www.silverstonetek.com/products/p_spec.php?pno=nt07-am2&area=usa website])
Approx. $20.
Available in Europe only:
Available in Europe only:

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Silverstone LaCasa 19 Case
MSI Media Live (7329) Motherboard
Fiire Chief Remote Control


A PC to be used as a Media Director has specific requirements: a stylish case, low power requirements/heat emission, quiet operation (quiet fans or fanless heat sink), good graphic and sound output cards, and interfaces for input devices/remote controls (USB, wireless, Bluetooth, or USB-UIRT).

It does not need extensive processing power or RAM.

It does not need a large hard drive, since storage can be provided over the network from the Core or a NAS (network attached storage) device. It does need a DVD (optical) drive, since you will play DVDs through it.


Confirmed working with 0704.


  • Small HiFi form factor
  • Brushed aluminum front
  • Clear design
  • Plenty of outputs (component, HDMI, ..)
  • low power usage
  • UI2 capable (reported up to 720p)




See website for more details. Approx. $140 at Newegg.com.

Optical (DVD) drive

Pioneer (Bulk) DVR-K06 Slim Slot-In


AMD BE2400

Cooling Fan or Heat Sink

Silverstone NT07-AM2 Fan (website) Approx. $20.

Available in Europe only:

NORTHQ NQ 3393 Heat sink with fan (website)


Hiper HFC10820C1 (German website)


2xDDR2 PC800 1GB



See website for details.

Also look for an integrated multimedia MB and case here.


Fiire Chief