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Setup a Mac as MediaDirector

  • Download DMG File: (it contains all partitions and files needed)
  • Open .dmg-File and plug in usb drive
  • Open disk utilities
  • deactivate partitions of .dmg-File and USB stick using "Disk Utility" on Mac. DO NOT UNMOUNT!
  • get device names using "Disk Utility": command+i shows the device identifier, when its deactivated the device names gets an "r" as prefix
    • dmg: disk1 -> rdisk1
    • usb: disk2 -> rdisk2

Write DMG File to USB:

Open the and type:

 dd if=/dev/rdisk1 of=/dev/rdisk2 bs=1m

and hit enter. Wait till you see the command prompt again.

Boot your Mac with USB plugged in. Hold down alt/option to get the boot menu. Select "refit" and wait. If all runs smooth, you should see a menu showing "LinuxMCE" and it will start boot gpxe in 2 seconds.