Make things happen when I enter a room

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How to set it up

in LinuxMCE admin choose wizard, events, respond to events. Give the event handler a logical description like "John enters the living room" and then choose the event you want to respond to. If you are using Bluetooth mobile phones, you can use the "Bluetooth phone entered room" event, and the "Bluetooth phone left room" event. Note that when you enter a room with your Bluetooth phone, there is usually a 10 second delay before the event is fired. This is completely unavoidable, it is the nature of Bluetooth. Bluetooth requires about 10 seconds to do a scan and pick up any phones in the area. If you want a faster response, you can use another device to detect presence, such as an rfid receiver or a Dallas semi conductor 1-wire iButton. These devices will fire a presence detected in presence lost event, which you can also select from the list.

The event Wizard gives you very basic event control, but without requiring any programming or technical skills. So the simple handling of events, such as do this when a person enters a room, can be done without any technical skills. If you need a more sophisticated event handler, then you can click the advanced link. This allows you to type in a snippet of Ruby code that will get executed whenever the event is fired. This allows you to create a very complex and sophisticated event handler. For example you could say if John is detected entering the house, and he has been away for least five hours, and no one else is in the House, then play a message "the house is empty" so he knows not to go looking for his family.