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Using the LinuxMCE Admin Website you can access the Media Files Sync, through the "Files and Media" drop down menu at the top of the page, > Media Files Sync. You can then navigate your media files.

General Navigation

On the left, you'll see a navigation tree starting at your home folder. Clicking on a folder within the left-most pane will display its contents in the pane on the right. Clicking on any file or folder in the right pane will enter a page where you can edit the attributes for that file or folder. Also, when viewing the attribute page for folders, you can click on the "Show Contents" at the top to see what is within the selected folder.

Custom Cover Art

If you have a disk that does not have cover art because it is not found on Amazon, or you just want to use your own custom cover art you can do that here. If you want to search Amazon first, check out Cover Art. First navigate to the file you want by using the navigation tree on the left. For instance when I copied a home movie off a dvd, LinuxMCE named it "Unknown_disk.dvd". Once you find your file, click on it in the right pane. Here, you can edit the file name and attributes. Just be sure to click the "update" button. You can also browse to the jpg photo you'd like to tag the media with. Click "Add picture" and browse to the location of your picture. JPG pictures 350 x 500 seem to do well. Be sure to click the "update" button when you are done. Also, please note that you can tag entire music albums through this interface.


Let's say that you have a Muse album named "Absolution" that you want to tag with album art, along with 14 songs. First, you need to add a picture to the folder holding the album. On the left most pane, select you music folder. You would then locate the name of your album in the pane on the right. In this case, it's "Absolution. Clicking on this will bring up the page that lets you edit the attributes for the folder holding the songs in this album. Add the picture to this folder by browsing to your picture and clicking "Add picture". Then, at the top, click on "Edit attributes for all files in this folder." Then, make sure that only your music files are selected. Deselect any id3 tags, or any non-music files. Then, add the same picture to those using the same method. It might take a while for the pictures to make their way into the cube, but now your album has been tagged. Congratulations.