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This is a setup wizard which runs automatically on the first startup after installation and can be run from the orbiters by selecting the Advanced > Setup Wizard. The Media Player Wizard was designed to make the setup of each piece of audio/visual equipment more user friendly. Obviously, not all devices can be installed via the setup wizard. If you are not finding the equipment you currently have, then you will need to add this equipment via the LinuxMCE Admin Website.

Choosing the Correct Wizard

First Page of the Setup Wizard
After selection of the Setup Wizard you will see an additional screen. If the audio and video are properly setup you should see and hear a video. If this is correct please select Next.

Which Wizard to Choose

The next screen you will encounter asks which wizard would you like to start: Media Player Wizard or the House Setup Wizard. Please select the wizard you want to begin. If you have already completed the setup wizard and you are returning to add additional information and/or equipment then simply choose the button for the portion of the setup wizard you would like to visit.

Media Player Wizard

After choosing the Media Player Wizard you will be taken through a series of screens designed to make setup easier.

Current Room

Which Room are you in?

The first thing LinuxMCE needs to know about the setup is which room is this located in. If you have not already set up the rooms in your house, please finish the House Setup Wizard before returning to the Media Player Wizard.


How do you want to control your TV?

LinuxMCE wants to know how to control your TV. The first thing to determine is if your TV is a plug&play model. There are only a few currently available models that are plug&play. If you are lucky enough to have one of these models then you will only need to plug the TV into the serial port when directed. You will receive on screen instruction from the setup video. If your TV is not plug&play then you will need to determine if LinuxMCE is going to control it and if so how. Currently the only option via this wizard is Infrared. Please select the Infrared button to enter this information.


Are you using an Receiver or Amp?

A/V Devices

Add A/V Devices to your Setup

Here is where you will be adding any additional A/V Devices to your setup. The list on top represents that types of devices that you can add to your system. The smaller window below represents the devices are currently added to your system. Starting with the device which is going to have the most other devices connected is the best first step. For most people it is either the TV or the Receiver/Amp, as this will allow for a more fluid setup.

  1. Select the type of Device you would like to add.
  2. Select the Manufacture of the Device you would like to add.
  3. Select the Model number of the Device you would like to add.
  4. Select whether or not this device is connected to any of your other devices, if so select that device.
  5. Select the input of the previous device this new device is connected to (ie AV, RGB, etc.)

If your device is not currently present on the lists then there is no support for that device currently, but support can be added by build a new device template for your device. LinuxMCE Admin Website is currently the only method available for building new device templates.


Add Inputs for A/V Equipment and TV Tuner Cards

Here is where the user can start to interconnect different capture devices with different pieces of AV equipment, such as a Satellite/Cable Box.

  1. Select the Inputs that the A/V Devices will be using.
  2. Select the A/V Device connected to this input.
  3. Select the proper Input for the A/V Device (ie AV, RGB, etc.)

Once the association is made LinuxMCE will make the necessary connections and allow you to start using your A/V Device in concert with the capture device.


Add Provider for TV Guide Information

Providers of TV Guide information. Currently the automatic setup is for Schedules Direct. If you do not already have registered ID then sign up and complete this step.

There are ways to gather additional data, users will need to make these changes in the Mythtv-Setup which can be accessed from the Computing screen on any orbiter.

Add Software

Add Software to LinuxMCE

Make sure that you have the additional software needed to play all of your media. Please remember that there are restrictions on some of this software, so please obey all local restrictions.


You are done.

Start Using System will cause the DCERouter to reload and activate the devices that where just inputted into the system.