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=== LinuxMCE 1004 ===
=== LinuxMCE 1004 ===
Although LinuxMCE 0810 is the latest official release, its development and features haven't been touched for a number of years. Currently all development is done in LinuxMCE 1004. <BR>
Even if there are some issues (LinuxMCE 1004 is still a Beta), it is recommended for most users to download and install the latest LinuxMCE 1004 DVD snapshot image. <BR>
Latest snapshot DVDs can be found at http://linuxmce.iptp.org/snapshots/ <BR>
=== LinuxMCE 0810 ===
=== LinuxMCE 0810 ===

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This wiki page is editable so users can add additional mirrors. If you would like to mirror LinuxMCE, please contact danielk@cuymedia.net. He will give you rsync access to the linuxmce.org servers so you can automatically download the releases ahead of time.

The latest snapshot DVDs can be found at http://linuxmce.iptp.org/snapshots/
Release notes can be found at Category:LinuxMCE Releases

Current recommended download

The current recommended download is:

The following table contains the status of the latest tests. We are currently in need of people to test snapshots and update information for users. Please contact us if you can help out.

LMCE-1204-20140311212428804.iso 12-Mar-2014 00:37 VM Hardware
Audio ???? PASS
Video - Stored media / DVD Playback ???? PASS
Diskless MD creation ???? PASS
MythTV ???? PASS
VDR ???? ????
Online Services ???? PASS
Automation - Insteon ???? ????
Automation - X10 ???? ????
Automation - Zwave ???? ????
Networking ???? PASS
Security ???? ????
Telecom ???? ????

LinuxMCE 1004

LinuxMCE 0810

A torrentfile for LinuxMCE 8.10 final can be found here: http://www.torrentbox.com/download/1483181/LinuxMCE_8.10_final.iso.torrent

Download Instructions

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