MythTV Plug-in Programmer's Guide

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This device is a standard Media plugin for the router that knows how to control LinuxMCE MythTV Player Programmer's Guide from inside the Media Plugin framework.

It is able to generate data grids to be used by other devices connected to the LinuxMCE system. There are two types of data-grids that is currently providing. A complete channel/time matrix starting from the command invocation time spanning 2 weeks (if there is data available) and a more terse 1 column data-grid to be used on space constrained devices (like a mobile orbiter). The more tersed data-grid will only display the current shows on all the channels with the channel name and show start and end time. It is also able to schedule shows for recording by the mythtv back-end server. It is checking to see if a schedule has generated any conflicts and it will trigger an event if an conflict is detected.

The data for the data-grids is pulled directly from the mythtv database. So whatever mechanism you are using to keep the mythtv database updated, if the front-end will see it then the plugin will see it too.

In order to build this package you will need the sources from the We are using some of the libmythtv classes which are not available from a normal mythtv development package. The code used to compile this is available in the svn repository and also in a source archive taken from the above project site.