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Include here a list of NAS that have been tested with LinuxMCE.

Buffalo Terastation

Adding SMB Client to LinuxMCE

As of this writing, the current version of LinuxMCE needs the smbfs application before the core will be able to read and write to any Samba or SMB server. To do this, ssh into your LinuxMCE core as root and type the following:

apt-get install smbfs

After pressing enter, the core will download and install the smbfs application.


  1. I can see the files on the media directors, orbiters, and (while SSH'd) on /mnt/NAS_# and in the subdirectories of each user. But the files do not play. None of the music or video files play. All files stored on the core play fine.
  • (This solution comes from bliss01 on the forum. Needs more detailed instructions please...)

Make sure you've mounted the device as the same name and dir and on the Core. Edit the /etc/exports file on the core, and the /etc/fstab on the MDs to fix this. But also to make the changes stay after reboot, edit the templates in /usr/pluto/templates/

Also make sure the SMB drive is on the same network ie the 192.168.80.x as the core has a firewall which stops smb mounts.