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Here's a list of all the new and fixed stuff in the 0810 release.


New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Media attribute import from Amazon/IMDB is now smarter (Trac: 52)
  • Fixed path/filename escaping in web admin (Trac: 57)
  • "Docs" scenario removed - no supporting player (Trac: 56, SVN: 21572,)
  • Fixed mounting of shares with special characters in their names (Trac: 55)
  • Fixed mounting of "non-browsable" samba shares (Trac: 38)
  • *.dvd.keys.tar.gz, *mpg.png, and *.mpg.png.tnj are no longer displayed in the web admin
  • accompanying *.dvd.keys.tar.gz will follow source file when renaming/deleting from the web admin
  • fixed a bug where deleting a performer's picture would delete the file entirely from the system. Now the picture is only deleted if nothing else references it
  • fixed similar bug that would permanently delete a picture when disassociating it from a file.
  • changing privacy settings via web admin now flags the orbiters to regenerate

Hardware Support


  • Updated base distribution to Kubuntu 0810 (with standard 2.6.27 kernel - updating as Kubuntu updates)
  • Cleaned up many packages so they're as close as possible to (if not the same as) Ubuntu's Apt repository versions
  • LinuxMCE can now be installed without an active Internet connection (Trac: 26)
  • Cleaned out a lot of hard coded stuff from scripts (SVN: 21582, and others)
  • Dutch language support (Trac: 34, 35)

LinuxMCE Dev Tools

Bug Fixes

  • SqlCVS has been fixed and now works

LinuxMCE Project Infrastructure