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This might seem out of order, but for reasons various this is the order I went though to install my MCE system.

This process DOES work and WILL get you an MCE machine up and running if you follow each guide in full. If you are having problems / something doesnt work make sure you are reading the thread / guide fully. If you are, for newbies to Linux ensure the commands you type in to the Terminal/Konsole are correct, Linux is Case sensitive in its Terminal and as such requires more accuracy than a DOS prompt (it is more flexible for its case sensitivity).

Finally, take your time. You will not get a whole house solution installed and running in 1day! The demo video talks about 4 hours but frankly that is widely optimistic. Plan on a day to get Kubuntu and MCE up and running with Core functionality and any problem solving you need to do.

Day 2 can give you time to tweak / add new hard drives / Squeezeboxes / Orbiters etc.

Day 3 rip all your DVD's and get TV tuner working.

Day 4 ENJOY!

If you break the install up into smaller packages it is easier to research and manage and you are much less likely to get frustrated.

If you are still having problems at any stage then post within the Installation Issues section of the forum with AS MUCH DETAIL as possible. Simply saying I cant play a DVD will waste your time as people will point you to the restricted extras thread you should have already followed. Posting I cannot play a DVD and REGIONSET reports no region code in my DVD drive is much more useful.

Remember Google (pretty much) knows all, and as MCE is Linux based most of the issues are covered in Forums around the bizarre s.

Following this guide i have a mostly up and running home solution. I have an MCE Hybrid in my living room which plays DVD/CD/ripped media and is controlled by my N800 orbiter. I have in my bedroom a Squeezebox that is controlled by MCE and linked via WIFI.

I still have to complete the real polish of getting MCE to control my TV via RS232 and fix the HDMI audio issue (possibly fixed in the 810 BETA anyway), but am pretty please with the setup i have so far.

      • TODO upload my setup picture / network layout ***


N800 – orbiter software install:

Completed as far as Setup up the orbiter In MCE

Download and burn Kubuntu 8.10 32bit (Currently MCE doesnt support 64bit in 810).

Setup up BIOS as per:

Install Kubuntu 8.10 on my hybrid box. Reboot

Run “Aptitude update” & “Aptitude dist-upgrade” as root. (This will take about 15-20mins so make a cup of tea!)

Re-flash DVD drive to RPC 1 (to allow region switching) with Binflash for linux.

Use necflash – as per help guide in Media Center folder.

Add WIFI dongle

Upgrade nvidia drivers from kde:

Restricted drivers nvidia 180 selected and installed. Reboot.

Install K-World USB TV DVB-T library from KDE desktop. (Do not connect the USB stick yet)

      • Currently this isnt working for me under 810*** UPDATE once done!

Post install follow this guide to allow commercial DVD playback:

Install ALSA 1.0.20 as per ubuntu forum thread.

To get audio over HDMI I had to create a /etc/asound.conf file

(sudo kate /etc/asound.conf) with the following code:


pcm.!default {

       type plug
       slave {
               pcm multi
               rate 48000
       ttable.0.0 1.0
       ttable.1.1 1.0
       ttable.0.2 1.0
       ttable.1.3 1.0


  1. ctl.!default hdmiout

pcm.optical {

       type hw
       card 0
       device 1


ctl.optical {

       type hw
       card 0
       device 1


pcm.hdmiout {

       type hw
       card 0
       device 3


ctl.hdmiout {

       type hw
       card 0
       device 3


pcm.multi {

       type multi
       slaves.a.pcm "hdmiout"
       slaves.a.channels 2
       slaves.b.pcm "optical"
       slaves.b.channels 2
       bindings.0.slave a 0
       bindings.1.slave a 1
       bindings.2.slave b 0
       bindings.3.slave b 1


ctl.multi {

       type hw
       card 0


Install MCE Alpha 2.2 as per:

Modify the script with itspac's WIFI patch as per this thread:

While there download the networksettings.php (to install once MCE is up and running).

Press 1 to display the Avwizard.

If your display goes before running AV wizard (and you have swapped to the correct source IE Pressing 1 (DVI / HDMI).  Reinstall Nvidea latest drivers as per

Complete the Avwizard.

Be patient as the system configures itself, it can take 15-20mins at times depending on setup to move on post avwizard. Remember its linux based not windows and is very unlikely to have crashed!

Finish the Alpha 2.2 install as per: