Nokia DBOX2

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The Nokia DBOX2 is a DVB receiver very common in europe. There is an alternative linux firmware version available. The images utilizing the "Neutrino" gui can be used over the network with mythtv.


  • enable SPTS mode in "Driver and Bootoptions" menu
  • add a input device of type "DBOX2 Input", adapt to your dbox2's IP configuration
  • add a video source, select something (eg TVToday, does not matter, program guide is pulled over DVB, press ctrl-c in the configuration script)
  • connect the video source with the input device
  • manually add channels (choose the exact names as stored on the dbox2)


The DBOX2 bootloader gets stuck when fed with a pxelinux.0 file. You have to create a dhcp stub device/entry.